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14.07.2024 14:03

Hello Gennady,
Thank you for the QSL cards, arrived today! They are "Great"
I will show your work to friends.
The address stickers arrived too, Thank you


10.07.2024 03:47

Hello Gennady,
Your QSL cards arrived very fast! They got here at least a week ago -- sorry I forgot to tell you sooner. As always, your cards look great. TU for the good service.

73, Dave, N7NR

07.07.2024 02:37
WEB Review   Graham Powell,  GW5GDP

Hi Gennady,
I have today received the QSL cards that you printed for me.
Thank you so much for the excellent work, I am so pleased with them.
Good Luck and Thank You again.



22.06.2024 01:37

Got my new cards and they are beautiful. Thanks for doing a great job Gennady!!!

22.06.2024 01:34

Hello Gennady,
My KT5J QSLs from you arrived here in Texas today (June 21) in excellent condition!! The QSLs look great and are exactly what I wanted. And I must thank you for the gift of the small cards (what we used to call EYEBALL QSO cards) and also the adhesive labels. Both were very gracious additions to the order.
I am amazed to have the cards in my hands after only 3 weeks from my first request to you via email.
Your products - and your service - continues to be excellent. You are one of the premier worldwide printers of top-quality QSLs! I will show the samples to my friends here in Texas and I always say good things about you and your service.
Please be safe and have many years of success with your fine QSL printing service!

Larry K5OT
(KT5J QSL this time)

17.06.2024 19:49
WEB Review   Amy Barker,  KM4JHL

The cards came today! Thank you very much!!!! That was far faster than I expected. :) Guess I'd better get busy making contacts.
I will share the samples with friends. I'm very happy with your service.

29.03.2024 08:50
WEB Review   Mike Crawshaw,  G4BLH

Hi Gennady,
Wow - I really did not expect my QSL cards to arrive before the New
Year, but they arrived safely this afternoon.

What can I say - they are fabulous - they have come our really well from
my original artwork/photos and I am absolutely delighted.

Many thanks Gennady.

Mike G4BLH

31.01.2024 22:58
WEB Review   Steven Madigan,  KD0MSU

Gennady is the real deal when it comes to paper cards. I worked with him to print a couple thousand for my home call. Current events notwithstanding, I received my cards about 15 days after sending the funds, and I LOVE them!! I am delighted with the quality of the cards, as are those who I've sent my cards to.

Keep up the good work, my friend. I will be ordering again, and I encourage whoever might read my review to consider doing the same. You won't regret it.

09.01.2024 09:58
WEB Review   Jim Thomas,  AI5EG

The cards came faster than you predicted, and they are awesome!
Thank you so much. I'm very happy.
73 and happy & safe NY for you and your family,

11.12.2023 13:37
WEB Review   Malcolm Joyce,  EI8FH

Hi Gennady,
Cards arrived this morning, super fast service , only 18 days from design to arriving at my home.
Once again, absolutely delighted with the quality and price of the cards .

Many thanks.

Malcolm EI8FH <ei8fhei@gmail.com>

19.11.2023 12:10

Hi Gennady
I just received the cards a couple of weeks ago and they are awesome!!!
Thank you!!!

Luis KP4F

25.12.2022 06:06
WEB Review   Rich Bisignano,  W2DGU

Thanks Gennady for the beautiful QSL cards. They are the best!!!!

All the best wishes to you this Christmas and to your family! Stay safe and warm! We support Ukraine!!

Rich W2DGU rich@richbisignano.com

22.10.2022 04:43
WEB Review   Christopher Paulin,  N8ACP

Gennady is easy to work with, a talented designer, great communication, and he works with you to get exactly what you want for your design. I get compliments regularly on my QSL cards

31.08.2022 02:28
WEB Review   Teri Beard,  KO4WFP

My QSL cards arrived this week and I am very happy with them! I’ve already sent 3 this week for past QSOs. I appreciate your work on them.

Teri Beard

11.08.2022 08:59
WEB Review   Robert Edward,  NH6O

This was my first set of cards from UX5UO Print, and I am so pleased with the way they look. It was so easy and such a pleasure to work with Gennady - he quickly edited/finalized the layout and shipped the cartons with tracking numbers. It is so fulfilling to help a Ukrainian business during this terrible time for his country.

дуже дякую, Gennady!

06.06.2022 15:25
WEB Review   Gerry Rosam,  AE7KI

Received my batch of 1000 cards today 6/6/2022… excellent quality same as the previous 5 orders between my VK2APG and AE7KI cards.. Gennady is still producing great cards considering what is going on there… give him your order. Good luck

03.06.2022 14:25
WEB Review   W.T. Loften High School Amateur Radio Club,  K4WTL

Our club is very pleased with the cards Gennady makes. We have ordered before and will reorder again!

03.06.2022 14:23
WEB Review   Bob Lightner,  W4GJ

Best cards and best price! In spite of the invasion, Gennady is still making and shipping out high-quality QSL cards!

12.03.2022 16:57
WEB Review   Ross Wardrup,  KD5LPB

Slava Ukraini! What a delight to deal with! Got my cards in today and was surprised by the care taken in packaging. And the amount of cards considering the price! I’ll never be off the radio if I’m to use all of them. I will continue to do business with UX5UO for a long time.

04.03.2022 18:49
WEB Review   Antoine N'Yeurt,  3D2AG

Always a great reliable service, and beautiful designs. Sincerely hoping to continue this association for a long time to come.

16.02.2022 13:20
WEB Review   Peter D Rivers,  G4XEX // GB0SA

Another great card for my special event call GB0SA. Thanks again for the super service.

10.02.2022 09:51
WEB Review   Jaap Van Duin,  PA7DA

Today I received the new PA7DA QSL-cards. Thank you very much fot the high quality of the product and the good service.
Jaap PA7DA

27.01.2022 07:44

Hi Gennady,
The QSL cards arrived and look very nice. Thank you also for the address labels. Much appreciated.


27.01.2022 07:25
WEB Review   John Hillyer <jhillyer01@gmail.com>,  NH7T

I received the package of QSL cards on Friday, 21Jan. All ok. Thank you very much for the FB QSLs and eyeball cards!


27.01.2022 05:37
WEB Review   Thomas Roscoe <k8cx@hamgallery.com>,  K8CX

My QSL cards arrived today in great shape. The extra contrast on the front really makes them look a lot better, tnx for doing that.
73 and stay safe.

Tom K8CX

06.01.2022 13:29
WEB Review   Ben Martin,  W1BPM

Hi Gennady
I just received the cards a couple of days ago and they are awesome!!!
Thank you!!!


06.01.2022 05:03
WEB Review   J.H Mauduit-Larive,  FR5DX

Hello Gennady,
I did receive the qsl cards today. They are perfect. Thank you for your service and your efficiency.

Happy new year to you.

Regards, Herik, FR5DX.

06.10.2021 08:57
WEB Review   Peter Mccann,  2M0BHR

just received the 2nd batch of qsl cards with a different call, got a reply within 3 hrs then included add ons and extras on the cards reply in 5 hrs with the finished article. the cards are fantastic, love them, if you are looking to get qsl cards there can be only one. UX5UO GENNADY TNX AND 73 2M0BHR/PETER ONE HAPPY HAM

19.08.2021 18:55
WEB Review   Dennis,  NE6I

Easy to work with, attentive to detail and super quick to respond to inquiries. Enjoyed working with UX5UO to "perfect" my QSL and when the cards arrived, I was very pleased with the result!

17.07.2021 07:20
WEB Review   James Csuhaj,  VE1JXT

A very well done QSL. Great quality. Awesome attention to detail. Been 30 yrs since I had cards done up .I will order again

27.05.2021 08:40
WEB Review   Peter D Rivers,  G4XEX

Just received my latest batch of cards for my special calls, GB0SG, GB0SD and GB0SP. Super quality and great attention to detail. Thanks Gennady.

26.02.2021 05:57
WEB Review   KEV,  M7KEV

I am very pleased with the print quality and the prompt turnaround time. Thank you!

Best 73s

Great work

26.01.2021 15:22
WEB Review   Rob Faulkner,  W6RF

I would like some help making up a QSL using your super 1000 cards

73's Rob W6RF

13.01.2021 09:48
WEB Review   Steven,  W7WIL

I’ve had the cards for a week now; I cannot get over how excellent they look. I’ve sent some out already and I’m sure those who receive them will be just as happy to see them. Thank you so much for your professionalism. You’ve got a word of mouth advertiser in me, that’s for sure. 73, W7WIL

15.12.2020 06:38
WEB Review   Anthony Davies,  G4EVR

Hi Gennady & Charles

My QSL cards have arrived .. I am very pleased with the print quality and the prompt turnaround time. Thank you!

Best 73s

Tony Davies G4EVR

22.11.2020 16:24
WEB Review   Peter Sils,  KH2AA

Hello Gennady,

Received the cards today and TNX VERY MUCH for all of your work, help and emails!!
Stay safe and healthy!!!!!!!
73 Peter

28.10.2020 05:15
WEB Review   Herbert,  HB9BOU

Dear Gennady, just received the 4U75UN + 4U1UN QSL cards. Thank you very much for the fast and reliable service, really appreciated. Excellent quality, as always, and as for all the cards you printed for us.

Take care and vy 73, Herbert, HB9BOU, 4U1UN + 4U75UN QSL Manager

15.10.2020 14:49
WEB Review   Aive,  ES2YW

Today received my first order of QSLs from Gennady. So happy, super job! Easy to order, excellent service and quality. Great price, fast delivery and well packed. Would recommend to all. Thank you! :)
Best regards from Estonia.

07.10.2020 04:55
WEB Review   Alfredo Sacchetto,  IU3MCT

Dear Gennady I'm happy to inform you that I have received yesterday the QSL's. They are fantastic and I congratulate you for the great job. Thanks again, looking for printing others QSL when ready, I send to you my best greetings.
73's and 51 to you and your family. Take care and stay tuned!

Alfredo Sacchetto
Via Francesco Baracca, 1
37053 Cerea (Verona)

25.09.2020 07:30
WEB Review   John Beam,  KA1LDD

Hi Gennady
My cards arrived faster than expected and they look great. Thanks for the added bonus of the return labels.
Excellent work.


23.09.2020 00:59
WEB Review   Colin Saggers,  G0OSK

Hi Gennady
Just let you know my cards arrived today.
As usual a first class job.
Many thanks for the sheets of address labels and your qsl card, a very pleasant surprise.
Once again thanks for an excellent service.

04.08.2020 04:18
WEB Review   Paul Raftery,  EI9HQB

Dear Gennady ux5uo

I wish to thank you so much for the qsl cards you printed for me recently. A few hams that looked at it were very happy with the design and the quality of your work and I love the way you done the pictures etc. I have sent roughly 28 qsl cards already and hoping to hear back soon

Yours sincerely
Paul Raftery Ei9hqb

26.07.2020 14:35
WEB Review   Joop Van Der Does,  PA75HGV

The QSL cards of our Special Event Station arrived yesterday in excellent condx. Well packed! Thanks for your help with the design. Best regards from Holland.

26.07.2020 12:58

Thank You so much for another brilliant job
The service was excellent and I will recommended you to anyone ,who wants nice qsl
Best regards to You and Family

18.07.2020 08:01

Hi Gennady,
The QSL cards arrived today. I'm very pleased with the nice job you did
on them. They should last me a few years before I will need to reorder.

Tim - N3XX

06.07.2020 18:07
WEB Review   Remi,  KG2KJ

Dear Gennady
Thank You so much for another brilliant job
The service was excellent and I will recommended you to anyone ,who wants nice qsl
Best regards to You and Family

20.06.2020 16:55
WEB Review   Derek Hart,  M0WEO

Hi Gennady

My QSL cards arrived today and I just wanted to tell you that I think they are fantastic! I am very pleased with them indeed. Many people here recommended that I should come to you to produce my cards and I am so glad that I did. Many thanks again.

Best wishes

Derek M0WEO

18.06.2020 11:05
WEB Review   Daniele,  IK1EGC

Hi Gennady,
Today I received the new printed QSLs!
Excelent product and great service as usual.
Thank you very much.

04.06.2020 10:22
WEB Review   JJ Lambert,  WR5E

Fantastic! Just picked up the order from the Post Office. Nothing short of spectacular! Just what was envisioned, and you made it happen!. Thank you!

28.04.2020 01:43
WEB Review   José Ignacio Rodríguez Martínez,  EB1LO

Hi Gennady.
I have already received QSL cards.
I am very satisfied and I like them very much.
Thank you.
73! EB1LO eb1lo1983@gmail.com

20.04.2020 02:11
WEB Review   Koen Vaartjes,  PA0KVA

Hello Gennady,
I received the QSL cards today.
I am very satisfied with the cards. Looks great!
Thanks for the address stickers, fb!
73, and keep healthy
Koen, PA0KVA.

20.04.2020 02:02
WEB Review   Vanlerberghe Willy,  6W7/ON4AVT

the box is here !
Nice card, I am satesfied
Now I can start the distribution.
Thanks for service


17.03.2020 01:42
WEB Review   Michael Micheletti,  ON7MIC

Dear Gennady

Many thanks for the beautifull QSL cards !!!!
They arrvied today. they are really nice
Thanks a lot

Best 73 and be safe you and your family with this Covid19


10.03.2020 07:11
WEB Review   Mick,  M0GWD

Hello Gennady

QSL Cards arrived this morning and are of your usual superb high quality.
Many thanks for the very quick delivery.

Very best wishes from England.


Mick M0GWD
Portsmouth, UK.

09.03.2020 03:59
WEB Review   Pierre Fillinger,  F5MOG

Hello Guennady.

Delivery.14 days after my first mail to you. A perfect professionnal product, for a good price, and a very good service. Many thanks for the QSLs and labels !

73 de Pierre F5MOG

26.02.2020 14:41
WEB Review   Ken Elsberry,  WD4ERM

My card supply was getting very low and I found out that my former printer was no longer in business. I could not find another company that had a card like mine. I sent a picture of mine to UX5UO and he said that he could reproduce my same card design. Sent me a proof, I accepted, ordered and received my order in about two weeks. I am very satisfied with the weight of the card stock and the detailed printing, better than my original. I got 1,000 cards at a very reasonable price. He has reps in the US and Canada who receive the payment and cards are mailed from the Ukraine.

21.01.2020 20:51
WEB Review   Bill Ohrenberger,  K9BO

Sent Gennady a .jpg of what I wanted, front and back. In only a few hours he was back with some even better ideas, a couple of tweaks later ordered the cards and about 20 days later the postman was at my door with a box from Kiev. Incredible quality, they won't be my last purchase.

Gennady, thanks so much for the fine service...



13.01.2020 18:30
WEB Review   Danny Stallings,  KC4OR

Sent Gena couple of my pics to help with design of my card.
Just a few days later got e-mail with his design,was better than expected
Very nice.Approved the design and received cards in a short time.
Excellent work and shipping will be hard to beat.
Thanks Gena

22.11.2019 08:03
WEB Review   Chris Murphy,  MM0KMK

Received my cards today from Gennady and they are excellent. It took 18 days from placing the order to delivery. I am delighted with the quality. The cards arrived well packaged, also included was a couple of sheets of self address labels. That's a nice touch.

So thanks to Gennady and Charles for the fast expediting of my order. And I will be printing more designs soon.



28.10.2019 12:59
WEB Review   Jim Peden,  G3ZQQ

I have add 12 different cards printed over the last 15 years.
My latest order was placed on a Monday. I requested a reprint of an earlier card and Gena still had the original file. A minor change was requested and the next day when I queried if it had been done, it had been, and the cards were already being printed.
Two weeks later, Gena e-mailed to see if the cards had arrived. They came three days later, 17 days from order to receipt. Extremely well packed as usual.
Thanks Gena for excellent service .

25.10.2019 08:38
WEB Review   Bill Lucarell,  K8AEX

Received my cards this morning in less than four weeks.
They were beautifully done and the quality was superb.
You cannot go wrong ordering from Gennady!!

16.10.2019 02:44
WEB Review   Wim Smeets PE1PME,  PC6RH

We were in a bit of hurry because of the late arrival of the special callsign for the JOTA. Requested, less than 4 weeks, if they were ready before the JOTA...I received them in two weeks...!!!
The high quality and service is indisputable! Thank you Gennady.
73 Wim

25.09.2019 08:32
WEB Review   Rod Smith,  G0ERS

A very professional design and print service with excellent customer support.
From initial contact to receipt of the finished product took less than 3 weeks.
How does he do such an incredible job at such a low price?

03.09.2019 14:10
WEB Review   Colin Saggers,  G0OSK

Just to say what a tremendous job Gennady did with my cards.
Sadly the cards arrived damaged, not Gennadys fault but I assume some extremely bad handling on the way.
I e-mailed Charles m0oxo Gennadys rep in the uk and thanks to him and Gennady within a few weeks I had a complete new set of cards sent to me.
That ladies and gents is first class service.
I have no hesitation in saying if you are looking for qsl cards you wont do better.
once again thanks Gennady
73 Colin

13.08.2019 22:41
WEB Review   Christiaan Jacobs,  VK2ICJ

I'm so very pleased with my QSL cards. Gennady did absolutely a fabulous job on my cards. How he does it for such a good price is plain magic. You will be satisfied and you will love your cards if you order from Gennady.
73 UX5UO de VK2ICJ . .

08.08.2019 15:43
WEB Review   Hamilton Stewart,  K1HMS

I learned about Gennady from my Elmer, AB1OC, and ordered my cards. I received quick service and responsive help with my design via emails in the middle of his night. All at a good price. I frequently get cards in return for mine that have "Nice card!" noted on them.

12.06.2019 02:51
WEB Review   Ron Van Aken,  ON1DX - OR2A

I received the OR2A cards moment ago ! Again great job !
Thank you very much Gennady !

73's Ron ON1DX - OR2A

19.05.2019 13:49
WEB Review   Jaap Van Duin,  PA7DA

I received in a short period the printed QSL-cards for the special stations PB6MILL and PG6N.
I was very surpised by the designs and the quality of the printed cards
Gennady thanks for the great job
Jaap PA7DA

01.02.2019 15:02
WEB Review   Tony Royal,  AD4TT

I received my cards today from UX5UO print and they were just what I ordered, they look great. The entire process from the time I first contacted Gennady about making my cards until delivery was only about three weeks so not only is the quality of his cards excellent the service is great too. If your looking for great looking QSL cards look no further than this web page.

24.01.2019 06:45
WEB Review   Mick & Angela Worsfold,  G4PRJ/G8XCY

Dear Gennady, received our wonderful QSL cards this morning. We are really impressed and satisfied with the excellent service, quality and speed that you dealt with our order. Thank you also for you kind help and guidance with the design, in all the best customer experience. 73 es 88 Mick & Angela

06.01.2019 04:32
WEB Review   Clifford J Donovan,  W9KK

I have been a re-peat customer, just great cards!

07.09.2018 04:12
WEB Review   Ivan Maximov,  SA7MAX

I have ordered to print my QSL cards from UX5UO: the cards were delivered very promptly to Sweden, there were not problems. I am very satisfied with the service.

Ivan Maximov, SA7MAX, Lund

03.07.2018 03:13
WEB Review   Morten Overgaard Eriksen,  OZ2BMX

I want to bye som QSL cards. Can you help me whit the design?

Ragrds Morten

26.06.2018 20:20

my order of QSL cards came this morning very impressed with the quality and the packing the cards came in very nice card keep up the good work

07.05.2018 14:28
WEB Review   P. William Glunt,  KC3XO

73's Gennady,
Just received my order of QSL cards, they are beautiful and I am very pleased. I will highly reccomemd you to fellow hams. Great design, service and price.

Bill, KC3XO

05.05.2018 11:02
WEB Review   Francesco,  HB9FBP

Dear Gennady,

thank you for print so good and fast my new QSL card for 2018.
They arrived today after only tree weeks waiting.
73 de Francesco HB9FBP

24.04.2018 05:55
WEB Review   Mike,  M0SBD

Just received my cards wonderful thank you ,good quality good price.

73s Mike M0SBD

11.04.2018 07:31
WEB Review   Ron,  PD0NUD

Dear Gennady, Received my cards today in good order. Perfect quality, perfect packed and very quick.
Thanks for the great service and quick response by e-mail.
Keep up the good work.
I will recommend you to everyone who needs a good quality QSL card.

Best 73,s Ron PD0NUD

06.04.2018 03:04
WEB Review   PEDRO,  EA5GL

If you are looking for quality, speed and good price, you do not look for more. UX5UO print is your option. 100% recommended, professionalism and good treatment

26.03.2018 07:21
WEB Review   Gaetanono,  9H1AZ

When I first reached this site I was impressed. When I dealt with Gennadi I was marvelled. A real gentleman, dedicated to his commitment, helpful, punctual and yes, an excellent product. I do not hesitate to recommend him for his services and printing, delivery and all.
Thank you very much I am impressed indeed.Will return as a more than satisfied customer.

73`s es GL Gaet 9H1AZ

19.03.2018 20:51
WEB Review   Fernando R. Gambino,  XE2T

Hello everyone. I write my comment to recommend the Gennady QSL printing job. very good finish of these cards and excellent customer service. 100% recommendation Gennady. 73 XE2T

13.03.2018 07:55
WEB Review   Ian,  G0RPA

just received my cards today what a stunning card, thanks again gennady will deifinitely reorder when ive used them up, great quality cards regards ian

24.02.2018 11:22
WEB Review   John,  K0OI

I received the cards and they are perfect. You did an excellent job of reproducing cards that I have used for nearly 20 years now. I believe the coloring is actually better than the original cards. Thanks, John.

23.02.2018 06:53
WEB Review   Jean-Louis,  F1SIU

I received the packages this afternoon!
Everything is ok, like every time!
Thank you very much, great quality!
73, Jean-Louis F1SIU

03.02.2018 17:18
WEB Review   Michael B. Soper,  W7EIS

Gennady / UX5UO produces amazing QSL Cards. He's responsive to questions, helps perfect draft designs, produces, packages and ships high quality cards that arrive quickly. I'd recommend him to all fellow amateur radio operators.

28.01.2018 01:16
WEB Review   Hanz,  PA3ZZ

TNX, very fast and good quality.

73's de PA3ZZ-YL3JD

05.01.2018 17:16
WEB Review   David Drumm,  29SD010

i can only add excellent service from gennady qsl quality is the highest you can get no other printer can supply a gloss finish i have received cards for 29 sd waw and 29 sd ireland card excellent thank you gennady for a superior qsl service

04.01.2018 16:29
WEB Review   Johan,  19RF568

To day i get mi Qsl karts
Maby Thanks for the good service nise karts
Just so als you promest i am verre happy whit it gr Johan

19.12.2017 03:20

Very satisfied, good service and good cards
I'll repeat for sure

10.12.2017 12:40
WEB Review   Ian Mcavoy,  G0RPA

Hello Gennady i received my cards this week for the buro great job very quick too nice cards i will order some more later on for the buro and direct thanks again ian G0RPA

01.12.2017 12:08
WEB Review   Bert,  NL11889

Hello Gennady.my cards where on the post office
the card are really wonderful
thanks for printing them
and also than Alex PA1AW
For helping find the cardsthaks again
all the best
greeting Bert NL11889

28.11.2017 00:56
WEB Review   COSTA,  4O7GXB - Z38/IZ7GXB

HI Gennady
tnx a lot about qsl for operations on Balkans Tour...so another with you!!!
Fantastic!!! Nice job...100% quality!!!
Enjoy other dxcc...
Best 73s
costa iz7gxb
also 4O7GXB - Z38/IZ7GXB

05.10.2017 13:02
WEB Review   Rudy,  PA3ECU

Hello Gennady,
I like to thank you for the great job printing my qsl cards. I am very happy wih them! Also like to thank Alex PA1AW for his comunication between me and you! that works very smoohtly!
73 Rudy PA3ECU

15.08.2017 04:04
WEB Review   Gabriël,  ON4SV

I received my cards yesterday,great and quick service,excellent quality.
Many thanks Gennady for the nice work.
73 Gabriël ON4SV

05.08.2017 08:05
WEB Review   Jaap Van Duin,  4X/PA7DA

Dear Gennady,
Today I received the 4X/PA7DA QSL-cards
Tey are looking great and are a good presentation to the receivers of this cads
Thanks for the great job
Best 73
Jaap PA7DA

04.08.2017 02:57
WEB Review   Rif,  9A9CW

Seat Gannady, QSL isto very nice. Thank you 73.

04.07.2017 13:41
WEB Review   Douwe,  PA1MR

Within a month after sending all the necessary material to Gennady I've received 2000 beautiful QSL cards in return. Very good service and excellent quality. Thanks Gennady!

03.07.2017 19:20
WEB Review   David,  WP4JLU

Good service from start to finish (Design, printing and mailing), all excellent. Highly recommended. Thank you.

22.06.2017 09:17
WEB Review   Fernando Silva,  CT7ABO

I received the QSL cards and they are beautiful.
It is an SUPERB Print

Best regards
thank&#180;s fer excellent JOB

31.05.2017 07:49
WEB Review   Jean-Louis,  F1SIU

The big package of superb QSL cards, as usual, for our special callsign, is very well arrived !
Many thanks, 73, Jean-Louis

12.05.2017 08:06
WEB Review   Oskars Cebers,  YL2IV

Thanks for the wery nice QSL cards!!! Supper!Excelent job!!!
Mni thanks Gennady
Best Regards! 73! Oscar

23.04.2017 13:00
WEB Review   Christian Eggenhofer,  OE3DEC

Thanks for the nice and perfekt QSL-Cards!!What a great job!!!
TNX Gennady

73 Christian

16.02.2017 08:21
WEB Review   Matti,  OH2IO

Cards arrived on really fast, and were as good as I hoped. Will definetly use your services again.

31.01.2017 14:33
WEB Review   Paul Holmstrøm,  LA9JDA

Super nice qsl cards received to day! Better than expected.
Tnx Gennady,

26.01.2017 09:29
WEB Review   Kostas Mouzinas,  SV4RJA

Dear Gennady,
I received my qsl cards,and your work is perfect.The quality is better than i thought,your service is fast,just like the shipping into my country.Many thanks once again for your job,

28.12.2016 05:38
WEB Review   John Gregel,  KE8EVX

Got my cards yesterday. WOW! Submitted a design concept and Gennady fine tuned it to perfection. Exactly what I was looking for. Very fast service. I'll be back again for the next batch.


17.12.2016 17:26

What a great job on my cards. Since my old favorite card did not meet the standards of quality that Gennady offers, he sent me samples of cards that not only were similar, but even better then the old ones! When ordered they arrived quickly and I am very pleased......Thanks Gennady you are a real Craftsman.

14.11.2016 22:39
WEB Review   Mike Ramsay,  VK2ZQ

Hi Gennady
Cards arrived today less than 14 days to VK great service and excellent quality as usual.
Well done..Thank you so much.

28.09.2016 13:23
WEB Review   Henk Oomen,  PD0Q

Received my batch of QSLcards from Gennady today and absolutely love 'em .
Highly recommended . i will certainly get my next batch here again .

73 & kindest regards :

Henk de PD0Q

28.09.2016 12:38
WEB Review   Wim Smeets,  PA4WK/J

You did it again!! A perfect job on our new JOTA QSL cards!! Thank you.

28.09.2016 05:13
WEB Review   Jose M. Gomez-Salazar,  EA2AA

Many thanks Gennady for the nice work.
Yesterday I´ve recieved the excellent cards.
It is as i thought, or even better
Very well done and of course I´lll use your services again in the next future.
I recommend your QSLs service to anyone

23.09.2016 06:46
WEB Review   Pietro Rossi,  IU0GJB

today I received the cards. The only things that I can say is that they are beautiful. They are of superior quality, the colours are beautiful and they perfectly match the original. Very well done Gennady. I surely will use your service again and I recommend you to anyone needing QSLs.
Thank you and 73

08.08.2016 10:03
WEB Review   Emily Thiel (P43E),  SPECIAL CALL: P40AUA

Thank you very much for another set of beautiful cards. The special call sign card (P40AUA) arrived last week, and as usual the quality was excellent. We keep returning to UX5UO for the service and quality. While designing a card, the email response is very quick, and changes done on the fly. 73, 88,

08.06.2016 06:38
WEB Review   Jim Peden,  G8DQP

Cards were ordered Saturday 14th May and arrived 8th June. Cards were wrapped in brown paper, inside an Avon box, inside a hessian mailing sack, and all of that delivered in a plastic bag. Very well protected with no bent corners.
The only down side was that I was unable to track the package through the UK. Cards left Ukraine 27th May, but no notification on Royal Mail tracking site, so quite surprised when they suddenly arrived, unannounced. Gena does everything possible to make things as simple and smooth as possible. Well done, Sir.
I can strongly recommend UX5UO QSLs to anyone.

Jim, G8DQP

10.05.2016 04:59
WEB Review   Tim Davis,  KJ4DHF AND K2B

Thank you for two wonderful transactions and beautiful qsl cards. Great print quality and great prces and fast service. Will be purchasing more cards in near future from you.


30.04.2016 22:06
WEB Review   Wayland,  K4WS

Thanks for the quick service and very good quality
qsls Gennady! I ordered April 13 and received my qsls today April 30, 2016. Good service!


12.02.2016 15:45
WEB Review   Dave,  EI7JK

Hello Gennady.

My cards arrived 14 days from confirmmation of payment.

Many thanks once again for you superb quality and service.

Thank you & 73

11.02.2016 18:56
WEB Review   John,  VK4FNQ

Hi Gennedy, many thanks for a top quality QSL card. Very fast service too , well done.

03.02.2016 03:59
WEB Review   Patrick,  ON3CQ

Hello Gennady,

I just received my qsl cards tanks you very so much. The service was excellent as always. Once again thank you very much Gennady for an excellent job.

73s Pat ON3CQ

02.02.2016 06:14
WEB Review   SUPPLY Gabriel,  ON4SV

Hello Gennady,My new beautiful Qsl cards arrived today in perfect condition after 2&#189; weeks from when I ordered them, 100% for the great excellent service and very good quality cards at a reasonable price.
Thank you very much Gennady !
Also thanks to Alex (PA1AW)for help!
Best regards,
73 Gabriel ON4SV

02.01.2016 07:02
EMAIL Review   Michael Seaward,  M0SMJ

Thank you for the MK0SMJ Qsl cards very please with them Thank for the good service
Happy New Year to you all

Michael Seaward

31.12.2015 07:31
WEB Review   Francesco,  IK5SRE

Dear Gennady,
I just received my qsl cards tanks you very so much.
Excellent qualitiy,fast and perfect service.

Regards & 73 IK5SRE

20.12.2015 06:39
WEB Review   Валерий,  UT3NI

Большое спасибо за qsl,качественно и оперативно!

14.12.2015 07:20
WEB Review   Higino Amorim,  CU3DP

I just received my qsl cards tanks you very so much cards turned nice


07.12.2015 02:20
WEB Review   Alexander,  4J1EUG

Really great and excellent.
Very kind and responsive man.

Did everything that I have asked from him.
Very fast response to every e-mail.

Thank you so much, cards turned out nice.

Alexander / 4J3DJ (4J1EUG Special Callsign)

16.11.2015 09:56
WEB Review   Herbert,  4U70UN

Dear Gennady,
I just received the 4U70UN QSL cards, as usual in excellent qualitiy. Thank you very much for this very fast and perfect service, as you did for all the 4U cards you printed for me. I really appreciate.
vy 73, Herbert, HB9BOU
4U70UN QSL manager

28.10.2015 16:52
WEB Review   Tak Matsuzawa,  JR1EFG

Prompt exchange of e-mails in designing,just in one day. It took only 26 days in receiving the product to Japan. Very good print quality with reasonable price.

16.10.2015 04:17
WEB Review   Dave,  EI7JK

Received my cards on Wednesday - in less then 2 weeks, another super job as always. Fast, efficient and friendly service.

Always a pleasure to deal with.
Many thanks once again.

Regards & 73 Gennady.

Dave - EI7JK

19.08.2015 14:54
WEB Review   Dimitris,  N1HTB

Gennady is plain awesome!
He accommodated all my changes (and there were many) very fast and efficient. I received my QSL cards within 2 weeks. They look great!!!

thanks Gennady
Dimitris, N1HTB

05.07.2015 15:22
WEB Review   Mark,  4X1KS

Super nice qsl cards delivered super fast!

01.07.2015 16:32
WEB Review   Wim Smeets,  PE1PME

You promised 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Received them in 9 days!!! And what a good job you did again! Thanks a lot, Genady!
73 Wim "Dutch Scout" PE1PME

01.07.2015 12:27
WEB Review   Kovács János,  HA3FOK

Dear Gennady,
Received my cards, fast delivery, fine print, many thanks for your advices.
73 DX de ha3fok Janos

30.06.2015 14:42
WEB Review   Lorenzo,  3A/IU2CIQ

I have ordered 1000 cards "bureau" for our microdxpedition in Monaco. Extremely fast shipping (less than 2 weeks)and good quality. Thanks Gennady!
Lorenzo IZ1UJE
QSL manager for 3A/IU2CIQ

22.06.2015 19:43
WEB Review   John Lochhead,  ZL4QS

Dear Gennady
Many thanks for the prompt service Cards ordered on the 4th June and arrived in my mailbox on the 23rd June Very quick delivery except it would have been quicker if NZ Post was more efficient Cleared customs on the 17th June and took 5 days to get to my QTH.
Not your fault Gennady
Congratulations on a very very efficient service
thank yo very much

John ZL4QS

03.06.2015 10:33
WEB Review   Joop Van Der Does,  PA6OORD

Nice print, Gennady, with very gast delivery. Tnx vy much. 73 de Joop

29.05.2015 21:42
WEB Review   Joe DiGrazia,  KC9RNK

Dear Gennady, great job on my QSL card. Best QSL card I ever had. Quality card at a great price. You are a true professional!

Thank You,and 73


28.05.2015 04:13
WEB Review   Juan Ortega,  EA1BDX

Today I received the box QSL cards and they are beautiful.
It is an excellent job.

Best regards

17.05.2015 23:44
WEB Review   Owen McCaw,  VK4FADW

Thank you very much for the brilliant job you did on my QSL cards. the service was excellent and I will be recommending you to anyone who wants cards done. I am definitely another satisfied customer who will know where to come when I want any more printed.
Once again thank you very much Gennady for an excellent job
73s Owen McCaw VK4FADW

04.05.2015 01:17
WEB Review   Peter Roosens,  ON5XY

Perfect printing
thanks for the professional job.



25.04.2015 08:29
WEB Review   Jarrad Mitchell,  VK3HXT

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say that I received my QSL Cards from Gennady quickly and they exceeded expectations. :)

Gennady is a pleasure to do business with, and I liked the 'sample' QSL Cards (clearly marked as sample only) that he included to give me ideas and demonstrate the differences in the different options.

I will definitely be ordering many more QSL Cards from Gennady for special call sign events etc.

Thanks again Gennady!

07.04.2015 06:53
WEB Review   Wil,  F4ESV

Dear Gennady,
Thanks for your fast and nice job for my 1st QSL.
Design and quality are very beautiful.
I'm 100% satisfied and i will recommend to my ham friend ans of course i will order my next QSL to you.
73's de F4ESV Wil

06.04.2015 03:00
WEB Review   John Lube,  WA5KGW

Dear Gennady, my new box of QSLs arrived last week and they are beautiful (as always). Thank you for such an excellent printing job and fast delivery. I hope my QSL card is a good advertisement for your excellent QSL quality. 73, John

04.04.2015 17:26
WEB Review   Loyd,  W4LVH

Just received my second batch of cards from Gennady and just like the first, they are top quality and just stunning! Quick turnaround and easy process. Gennady will definitely be my QSL printer for all future QSLs!

28.03.2015 08:24
WEB Review   Andrea Avagnina,  IZ1YUH

Dear Gennady,
thanks so much for the QSL cards that you have printed for me.
They are really beautiful and delivery has been very fast!
All the best!

Andrea IZ1YUH

26.03.2015 17:33
WEB Review   Patrick Moonen,  ON3CQ

The cards for ON3CQ arrived today Super!
The quality is simply outstanding. I am extremely satisfied big thanks for the good service !!

73's Patrick

26.01.2015 04:54
WEB Review   Craig Edwards,  VK5CE

I've used Gennady 5 times now for for VK5CE and special event AX5CE and DXpeditons for VK5CE/P OC-261, VK5CE/4 OC-255 and VK5CE/8 OC-173. He is very easy to work with and the distance between Ukraine and Australia is no problem. Fast service and delivery. Craig VK5CE

24.01.2015 04:39
WEB Review   Mika Liimatainen,  OH6NVC

Tnx again Gennady for perfect quality and delivery.

Regards , Mika oh6nvc

05.01.2015 19:14
WEB Review   Jim Davis,  KL7JD

The cards are incredibly beautiful !!! I sent a picture and a general idea of what I wanted on the back. You changed it a little, great improvement over what I had submitted, and added a picture on the back also!!! Extremely impressed!!! Finally, a card people will really enjoy getting. Thank you Gennady. Beautiful cards, and they arrived early!

73, Jim KL7JD

04.01.2015 16:48
WEB Review   David,  VK7YUM

Thanks for the cards! Received them as an early Christmas present and ... WOW! They turned out excellent!
Thanks again and have a great 2015.

30.12.2014 05:23
WEB Review   Guy,  ON4AMG

The cards for ON5XY, ON6GBN and myself arrived today, 11 calendar days after having paid with Christmas in between, super!
The quality is simply outstanding, little pieces of arts, I consider you to be a true craftsman and will not hesitate to order again. I am extremely satisfied, a big thank you and all the very best for 2015!
73's, Guy

22.12.2014 04:21
WEB Review   Юрій,  UR5TLX

Дуже дякую за QSL картки

Картки зроблені дуже професійно і швидко.

Буду рекомендувати Вас своїм знайомим радіолюбітелям

19.12.2014 11:13
WEB Review   Wolfgang Ruthner,  OE3VRW

Got my cards today. Thank you! Super fast delivery. Ordered about only 2 weeks ago. Very good quality and nice contact. Highly recommended!
73 OE3VRW, Wolfgang

04.12.2014 00:52
WEB Review   Wijnholt Snel,  PA3DJP

tnx for the beautiful qsl cards

01.12.2014 12:49
WEB Review   Bill Segel,  N1DNN

Thank you for my beautiful QSL cards---I love them ! The
choosing, formatting and ordering process is very easy, particularly with your very prompt feedback.
Thank you again
73 N1DNN

25.11.2014 19:32
WEB Review   R.William (Bill) Henderson,  NT4Z

Thank you so much for the GREAT QSL cards. They are exactly what we agreed on. I ago them yesterday, November 24, 2014. I believe it was about two and a half weeks ago I ordered them. I am very satisfied.
Thank you again and when I need more you will be the one I order from.
73, NT4Z

24.11.2014 04:27
WEB Review   George,  DL1CLX

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me create my card just how I wanted. I am very please with it.
Highly recommended!

21.11.2014 09:34
WEB Review   Jay,  W3SCA

Thank you so much for creating the exact card I wanted and getting them done so quickly. I am proud of my cards and will definitely re-order with you again!


Jay, W3SCA

27.10.2014 16:20
WEB Review   Per-Einar Dahlen,  LA7DFA

Thanks again for printing high quality QSLs Gennady.
Fast delivery and great communication as always.


24.10.2014 04:57
WEB Review   Jan,  PA70OMG

Thanks for the fast delevery. Ferry good print en the high quality. The easy communication to order the cards.
Best 73
Station manager

22.10.2014 14:10
WEB Review   Jaap Van Duin,  PA7DA

Dear Gennay,
Today oct 22nd I received the PB50REM QSL-cards. Thanks for the good design and the high quality of the printed cards.
Also thanks for the friendly conversation by e-mail!
Best 73
Jaap PA7DA

22.10.2014 13:05
WEB Review   Steve Letendre For The Big Bear Amateur Radio Clu,  KE6FQC

very high quality and many communications to make sure all was right before print. Rec'd in weeks very well wrapped and packaged. Thank you Gennady. We will work again.

14.10.2014 05:40
WEB Review   Ron,  PD1RON

excellent quality for a nice price
i recommend you also to a few amateurs in the netherlands.
till next time
greetz Ron

30.09.2014 00:13
WEB Review   Steve Nolan,  VK4OZI

Excellent design as well as communication, pricing and delivery.
Would recommend to anyone requiring QSL cards.

26.08.2014 17:19
WEB Review   John Newman,  VA1JGN

Thanks Gennady, received my new QSL cards today. Very fast shipping to Canada. Very pleased with your service, card design and quality. Looking forward to dealing with you again in the future. 73 VA1JGN

19.07.2014 06:51
WEB Review   Gerald Bonnington,  VK2HBG

Received my QSL cards yesterday 2 1/2 weeks from when I ordered them.

Excellent quality. Exactly what I wanted. Fantastic service, will recommend you to other hams.

Many thanks regards Gerald VK2HBG.

19.07.2014 06:23
WEB Review   Tim,  BW1-001

This is my first order. Thank you for very fast delivery service and very high printing quality.

16.07.2014 14:11
WEB Review   Eddy,  PA0RSM

Dear Gennady,
thank you for the very fast delivery of my new QSL cards.
Your design on the reverse side was nicely done, especially by printing our club logo on the VOR/DME beacon!

Best 73's de Eddy PA0RSM

25.06.2014 04:25
WEB Review   Bas,  PE4BAS

Hello Gennady,

Like before your reply and printing is lightning fast!
It took about a hour to complete the design with a few e-mails. After that it took only 18 days till delivery. I'm a satisfied customer. Thanks very much for your QSL printing service!

73, Bas PE4BAS

23.06.2014 12:15
WEB Review   Francesco,  HB9FBP

Hi Gennady,
i'm sorry for late review about your qsl Printing... they have arrived before my written here... Thank you for patience changing sometimes idea, and thank you for very good work.

73 de Francesco HB9FBP

18.06.2014 14:33
WEB Review   Eoin O' Connor,  EI4KJ

Received my cards today. Really quick turn around time. Gave lots of help with design work. Happy customer. Thanks you.


12.06.2014 16:51
WEB Review   Andreu,  EA5WO

My friend Gennady! is maybe.. The best QSL printer. Their designs are perfect. The fast and high quality printing. Always the best price and the best service. Now finish designing my special QSL to celebrate in Spain. The coronation of King Philip VI. Thanks Gennady!

10.06.2014 07:16
WEB Review   Phil,  F1AEY

Hi Gennady,
today received my QSL card! Gennady very good job, thank you!
best 73 de Phil F1AEY

22.05.2014 08:32
WEB Review   Peter Eijlander,  PA0PJE / PA6FBE

Just received the QSL cards for PA6FBE in good order. A 2nd job very well done! Thanks Gennady.

73 de Peter PA0PJE

19.05.2014 15:16
WEB Review   Kevin Trotman,  N5PRE

I just wanted to thank you for the marvelous cards you sent me from my recent order. I appreciate you working with me on the design as well. I will be proud to send these out to my contacts and mention where I got them.

Please use my card as a sample for advertising on your site if you wish. You have my permission to use my comments as well.
73 de N5PRE,
Kevin Trotman

16.05.2014 10:03
WEB Review   Pierre-Philippe Brocard,  F4MZI

Even for a small price, the quality is there

03.05.2014 09:33
WEB Review   Ewoud Klop,  PD3WDK

Thanks for printing my QSL cards, Super quality and solide delivery by postal service. Also thanks to Alex for the support.


16.04.2014 18:16
WEB Review   Rob Evans,  MW0CVT

Very happy with my first cards from UX5UO, my own photo on front design, my own photo on the back with a template. Excellent quality and quick delivery. First class operation.


07.04.2014 14:24
WEB Review   Arie & Elmar,  TF/PA3DUU TF/PD3EM

Why I order again and again at UX5UO print?
Just simple... Gennady is printing very good quality and delivers fast!
This design was for our combined holiday and operating from Iceland.
Next order will be done this week for 2 or 3 more designs and operations ;-)

73, Elmar PD3EM

02.04.2014 14:58
WEB Review   Elmar,  PD3EM

Gennady is (again) faster with printing the QSL cards than I can write a review!
This batch of my completely redesigned QSL card is again of great printing quality!
The first batch is already on its way to hams around the world via the bureau so a lot of hams could confirm the great quality when the get my QSL card.

73, Elmar PD3EM

06.03.2014 10:12
WEB Review   Ulf Axling,  SA3CJE

Received my cards today and they are better than I expected. Quickly delivered and well packed. I will return with a new order soon. Many thanks for the brilliant service.


01.03.2014 17:38
WEB Review   Peter,  PA0PJE

Excellent job, dear Gennady.
Cards look very fine indeed and delivery was at high speed.

73, Peter

14.02.2014 11:20
WEB Review   Don,  G4KXW

I've had my cards for some time now and am delighted every time I write some.
The service was terrific, very quick, and the quality superb - the photo was taken at twilight and came out really well despite not being the best to print.
Gennady is a pleasure to do business with,
Many thanks again.

14.02.2014 05:18
WEB Review   Neil,  G0JHC

Gennady, my new batch of 3000 full colour 2 sided cards arrived today. As always a quality service, fast and very good value for money.
I would not use anyone else as your service is the best.
Thank you

01.02.2014 04:03
WEB Review   Harry,  DL3OM

Thanks for perfect service,
quick delivery and super Quality !
Highly recommended !

17.01.2014 09:50
WEB Review   AXEL,  EI8JX

Received the 2000 QSL Cards. Excellent job, Gennady. I'll have fun to confirm my QSO's now. Many thanks, Gennady. 73 & 55, AXEL, EI8JX.

07.12.2013 20:17
WEB Review   Billy Hill,  WS0Q

They turned out better than I hoped! They look great!

05.12.2013 11:20
WEB Review   Piet Sloot,  PA3FRZ

Just recieved my QSL cards today.This was my first time order.Excellent quality of workmanship.
Fast delivery also.
Thanks for the good service, Gennady!

73's de Piet - PA3FRZ

26.11.2013 01:12
WEB Review   Delwyn Ching,  KH6DC

Well changed my callsign back from AH6OK and KH6DC with another order of qsl cards. This is my second order so to speak and it's a real pleasure dealing with Gennady and Dwayne, again. Will always keep coming back for more for a reorder.

Aloha and 73,
Delwyn, KH6DC

21.11.2013 06:05
WEB Review   Dave,  EI7JK

Just recieved another 3000 of my QSL cards and I am very happy with them once again.

Many thanks for your excellent service & 73.


11.11.2013 11:55
WEB Review   Bob Jonas,  WX2I

Absolutely loved the cards, so many great comments! Well design and beautifully printed. Had them in no time! :-)
Have recommended to many fellow hams. My son will be getting his from you!
Thanks and 7 3!

29.10.2013 14:45
WEB Review   Wim Smeets PE1PME,  PE1ION/J

First batch of cards received within 2 weeks (instead of 3-4 weeks!)Very good quality, very good price! Well done, Gennady!

17.10.2013 08:34
WEB Review   John Kovacs,  WD8EOL

Just placed order for anothere batch of card. The work is excellent and price is very good and so is the quality of the workmanship. I have recommended UX5UO to many of my fellow amateur friends.

22.09.2013 21:58
WEB Review   Craig Edwards,  VK5CE/P

I used UX5UO for the VK5CE/P IOTA OC-261 DXpedition. Gennady was very easy to deal with, we had the QSL card proof ready before I went on the DXpedition, then once I arrived home I emailed him the main photo for the card, paid via paypal and Gennady immediately started printing. I had 5000 high quality QSL cards delivered all the way to Australia just 2-3 weeks later. I'll be using his service again for the VK5CE/4 IOTA OC-255 DXpedition. Thanks mate.

06.09.2013 21:56
WEB Review   Delwyn,  AH6OK

Changed my callsign and had to order new cards. Tried UX5UO, Gennady and these cards are awesome. Customer service is excellent and dealing with Gennady and his USA rep, Dwayne KD4POJ is a breeze. Can't wait to use all 1,000 so I can order more! Price can't be beat too!

Mahalo Gennady and Dwayne!

06.08.2013 16:46
WEB Review   Jose,  WP3S

today receive my qsl`s from gennady.is a beautiful and many profesional quality print job.recomended 100%

31.07.2013 19:54
WEB Review   Nathan,  KC9HYY

This was the first time I'd ordered with Gennady. It was a flawless process. I was amazed at how quick he got proofs to me, and how accurate they were to what I'd been looking for. Excellent quality print on the cards. When I'm ready for another 1000 cards, I know where to go!

Thanks again!

02.07.2013 14:08
WEB Review   Andy,  EJ/G7SQW

Another great batch of QSL's and service from Gennady.
This was my first IOTA trip and really pleased how the QSL's came out.Very quick to respond to emails and cards delivered in under 3 weeks.
Thanks again!

08.06.2013 10:54
WEB Review   John Van Eijndt,  KC0DEB

Received my new QSL's yesterday, and they look great!
Outstanding work, and fast turn around! I will place another order shortly, this time for our Club QSL.
Gennady, you have a customer for life.
Thanks! John KC0DEB

07.06.2013 05:48
WEB Review   Jo,  OE4VIE

Today I received 2 separate sets of QSLs, as always Gennady did a great job, colors, paper and delivery time is fantastic. I tried many different printers in the past but now I can say UX5UO print is unbeatable.

73, Jo OE4VIE

02.06.2013 10:37
WEB Review   Ian McCallum,  MM6ISM/P, MM0IMC.

I've had two separate sets of cards made up by Gennady and he makes a fantastic job of them!

They're usually here within the three weeks specified!



21.05.2013 14:37
WEB Review   Paul Coonen,  ON2PCO

Thanks Gennady for my third delivery I received today (May 21st 2013, within 3 weeks after my order), printed in the quality I asked for.

Best regards, 73,

Paul - ON2PCO
a Dutchman in Belgium

08.05.2013 20:37
WEB Review   Jack Shutt,  W9GT

Thanks Gennady for a wonderful job on my new QSL cards. Received them in 3 1/2 weeks after ordering and, after sending out a few, I have received many compliments on them. Thanks again for a great product. I plan to recommend you to my friends!

73, Jack, W9GT

28.04.2013 05:17
WEB Review   Dan Warco,  K4KD

These are very high quality cards. After emailing Gennady a sample of what I wanted, he improved it and before I knew it the cards were in my mailbox. I will always get my cards from UX5UO print.

Thank you Gennady.

04.04.2013 03:37
WEB Review   Александр,  UT4UP

Много лет заказываю QSL у Геннадия.
Учитываются все пожелания и печатается заказ без задержек.
Огромное спасибо за понимание и оперативность!
73! Так держать!

28.03.2013 22:11
WEB Review   Loyd Van Horn,  W4LVH

Love my cards. Absolutely beautiful, lots of compliments on them too. Truly professional, quick turnaround and well packaged for shipping. Planning on making a second order soon for a new design!

16.03.2013 05:12
WEB Review   Александр,  US5MC

Заказал Геннадию карточки по своему дизайну.В процессе
обмена Геннадий предложил свои замечания,подкорректировал
все получилось очень прекрасно.Красивая QSLкарточка
получилась.Огромное спасибо Геннадию за его труд 73SK!

25.02.2013 23:38
WEB Review   Steve Smith,  W9HBH

Received my new cards today, great job, fantastic color reproduction from my design. great price and fast turn around under 4 weeks.

Thanks keep up the good work.

30.01.2013 06:35
WEB Review   Dave,  EI7JK

My thanks once again for producing a wonderful QSL card for me from your Bureau range. The colour and sharpness of the background picture a super, with first class printing as always.

It took only 15 days from paying for the cards to their delivery - incredible.

I have had several different designs & types of card created by Gennady over the last 10 years but this one beats them all for quality and value.

My sincere thanks Genady.

11.01.2013 14:55
WEB Review   Rex Turvin,  NR6M

Gennady does a great job. My cards are always the finest quality and shipping is fast. I am a QSL manager and Gennady helps me alot. I send him a picture and my ideas and he creates it quickly. If I wants changes, he does that very quickly. I recoomend UX5UO Gennady to any and everyone. thank you Gennady.
73 NR6M

20.12.2012 23:04
WEB Review   Larry Ledlow, Jr,  KL7/N1TX

We have used UX5UO for years both for personal cards and thousands of QSLs for KL2R and KL7FWX. Absolutely the finest printing and customer service at a reasonable price. So easy to work with. Top-notch results. Two thumbs up!

02.12.2012 11:53
WEB Review   Kimmo,  OH1CM

Gennady is the number one, excellent quality and prompt delivery, thank you

29.11.2012 10:57
WEB Review   Jean-Louis,  F1SIU

Always so satisfied after several orders. The last card is magnificent, sensational colors, and only 14 days to receive in the QRA !

20.11.2012 05:48
WEB Review   Peter,  VK1IRC

Gennady runs a very professional and courteous QSL card printing service for the Amateur radio community worldwide. The cards I received were very well packaged and he worked with me to produce an excellent result. If you are looking for quality QSL cards as all HAM’s do, then I do recommend this service.

19.11.2012 13:00
WEB Review   Вячеслав,  ER1LW

Огромное спасибо Геннадию за оперативное и качественное исполнение заказов, при очень приемлемой цене. Заказывал в течении последнего полугода пять различных QSL-ок типов Бюро, Эконом и Люкс, и остался очень доволен сервисом UX5UO хотя обратился впервые.
Удачи Геннадий.

27.10.2012 15:05
WEB Review   Stephan Leeman,  SM5YRA=SB6HL=SH6HUL=SH5FEM=SM1YRA

You never get disapointed when you get QSL cards from Gennady! Received the cards quickly, after my /LH expedition SB6HL in september.
Everytime nice design and high quality cards for a low price!
I keep coming back with my upcoming QSL card orders,
tnx a lot Gennady for your fantastic work!

20.10.2012 09:41
WEB Review   Pekka Ahlqvist,  OH2YY

Gennady has printed at least the following cards for me: J3/OH2YY, FR/OH2YY, 3B8/OH2YY, PJ2/OH2YY, OH0YY (two different), OH2YY, C21YY, VK9XM, VK9CM,9M6/OH2YY and is now printing new VK9XM cards. From the very beginning he has time after time managed to surprise me with extremely fast (sometimes in hours!) and good designs, fast delivery and top notch quality of cards. I cannot find any reason to even check the othrs.
Thenks Gennady

17.10.2012 20:29
WEB Review   Bryon,  KC9FFJ

Wow what service. Within 2 days the card design was finalized. Gennedy made adjustments quickly and exactly as requested. Cards look outstanding. Cards arrived exactly 3 weeks after they were paid for. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!

10.10.2012 12:28
WEB Review   Вячеслав,  ES1BA

От момента "согласование эскиза" до получения посылки - 17 дней!
Карточки понравились... мне. Спасибо

08.10.2012 19:52
WEB Review   Stephan,  VA2TY

I'm really glad about the Quality of the QSL card made by UX5UO. Gennedy is very patient and made a GREAT job.

The price, never found something near on America side for the quantity and price.

Thanks Gennady.


Stephan, VA2TY

04.08.2012 13:09
WEB Review   Bob,  K8NY

I believe these cards are the best value and highest quality cards available. Gennady's attention to detail is nonpareil, the quality, design and final print are fantastic and on top of all of that, the price is unbelievably low.
IMHO he has everyone beat hard to figure out how he does it!

Thanks again Gennady for the wonderful qsl's.

Bob K8NY

21.07.2012 18:23
WEB Review   Bob Hatter,  W7MAE

Hv just received my order of cards. In my 50+ years of Ham radio and qsl cards, I've never been happier
nor more pleased. They are fantastic!! The layout is perfect, the quality top-notch, and the service was speedy. Many thanks!
Great Job... Gennady
73 Bob W7MAE

19.07.2012 11:55
WEB Review   Rafael Bonano,  KP4RV

Outstanding quality of the QSL cards and not complaints about it. I had more than 3,000 from 3 different designs from him. Recommended 100 %


18.07.2012 11:34
WEB Review   Marc,  ON6LR

Gennedy and Julia,

This was my second order at UX5UO's.
Service quality is still excellent.
Beautiful cards with my design.

Thanks and 73'

15.07.2012 08:07
WEB Review   Jos,  PA3FYC

I received my new QSL cards last Friday. The card looks very great and the quality of the luxury type is perfect for me. Thanks and '73 from Jos PA3FYC

09.07.2012 09:51
WEB Review   Mike,  FP/VE2XB

Gennedy and Julia,
Great job as usual on the cards and will keep ordering from you as you are the best out there!
73, dx, mni tnx!
Mike, ve2xb aka ve2xb/vy0, ve2xb/2 (zone 2) v31xb, j79xb, fp/ve2xb, vp2mxb and looking forward to next dx`pedition...

08.07.2012 06:08
WEB Review   Rider Isaak,  4Z5TT

нет слов

23.06.2012 12:40
WEB Review   Douwe,  PA1MR

My compliments for the outstanding quality of the QSL cards that I've received last week! The sample you'd promised to send I'd received in my email box within days, and it took no more than a couple of weeks for the 2000 QSLs that I'd ordered to arrive from the printer. Great service! I've placed a sample of my QSL on www.qrz.com. Many thanks again and I'll surely order more QSL cards when I've run out! VY 73 de PA1MR Douwe

08.06.2012 06:55
WEB Review   Hugo,  K2DER

As always, quick service, always good design I'm QSL Manager and definitely he help me a lot and offer great price.... UX5UO 5 stars service.


05.06.2012 06:35
WEB Review   Klaus Kordt,  DL3KKN

Hi Gennady, have received my QSL cards. They look very good.
Thanks for the quick processing and delivery.

73 de Klaus DL3KKN

21.05.2012 17:15
WEB Review   Daniel Hernandez,  KP4BD

I have just received my QSL cards from Gennady, and the cards looks GREAT!!!! Fast delivery and the best quality QSL cards.

Thanks for the great service.

21.05.2012 13:00
WEB Review   Javier,  EA4EQD

Just received today a new batch of cards.

Again a perfect service, timing, quality and price.

73 from another satisfied customer, Javier, EA4EQD

19.05.2012 10:29
WEB Review   Thomas,  SV2CLJ (J48S,J48O)

Maybe the Best Printing Service ever!

10.05.2012 02:11
WEB Review   Jacques,  F1VEV

Very quick turnaround on proposing a card type and just recieved them this morning all is perfect, great quality ans well packed .

Many tahnsk for a great service

02.05.2012 08:05
WEB Review   Einar,  LA7YKA

I've just picked up my new QSL-cards from Gennady. I'm very satisfied with both the print quality as the quality of the paper. I received the package in less than 3 weeks from my first inquiry. I will for sure come back to UX5UO when I need another batch of cards.

25.04.2012 18:16
WEB Review   Jerry Travis,  DU3/W5LFA

I received my new Bureau (2+0) QSL cards yesterday in about three weeks, and, they all looked very good.
Gennady did a real good job in preparing my card before printing. and the paper is very good quality. He and I had a couple email returns on my QSL card design before printing, and I sent him a picture of the Philippine Islands. I also told him what I wanted printed on the card. He then later came back with very good results and design. I then gave him my approval to print.

"Yes, I would use Gennady again when the time comes to reorder QSL cards!"

Thank you very much for the qreat service.

73 Jerry. DU3/W5LFA

22.04.2012 02:13
WEB Review   Elmar,  PD3EM

I have just received my new batch of QSL cards from Gennady.
As always, quick service as I received the packet 2.5 weeks after ordering!
Again they're looking great and are printed in great full-color quality!

For this design I choose two of my pictures of typical Dutch winter landscapes with people ice skating on the canals in the polders near my house.

Thanks again for your great service!

73, Elmar PD3EM

20.04.2012 14:46
WEB Review   Holger Kropp,  DO5HNL

Hallo Gennadi

Herzlichen Dank für die von Ihnen zu gesandten QSL-Karten. Sie sind wirklich sehr gut gelungen. Zudem möchte ich mich bei Alexander DM5BB hier in Deutschland für die gute Beratung bedanken.
73 de DO5HNL

13.04.2012 20:26
WEB Review   Michael J. Shimp,  K0EBH

I have just received my QSL cards from Gennady, and the cards look great. Thanks. I will order again when I get low on QSL cards.

04.04.2012 12:21
WEB Review   Ron L Seaman,  W8RLS

Received my QSL cards today in great shape. Gennady did an excellant job creating the card the way I wanted. Highest quality and extremely fast service at a great price! My next order will be with you. Thank you, Gennady, for your professionalism and efficiency.

30.03.2012 14:14
WEB Review   Ronald Norris,  VC3D

Special Event Station QSL cards received today. Fast delivery and the best quality QSL cards I've ever had printed!! Gennady has my business from now on. 73's

19.03.2012 17:26
WEB Review   Frank Davis,  VO1HP

New QSL's rec'd today. Very very pleased with my first order with Gennady. High quality work and very fast delivery. Every thing worked as it should!!

See my web page LOG&QSL www.vo1hp.ca -- scroll to bottom.

73 Frank VO1HP

18.03.2012 20:06
WEB Review   Frank Mathias,  WA3MD

Gennady is a great guy. Helped me with the design of my card and dealt with my poor computer knowledge lol. He even found a better quality image to use on my card. Fantastic price on the cards delivered registered mail to your door. Wouldnt even think about using another printer. 73's

14.03.2012 12:14
WEB Review   Stuart,  GD0OUD

Excellent service and very quick delivery again. Highly recommended!

25.02.2012 20:01
WEB Review   Kevin Hodges,  WA4GQG

I've just received my 1000 'Buro' cards. The box arrived in excellent condition in just under 3 weeks.
I was very happy to observe a glossy finish and much heavier stock paper than I expected in any 'Buro' class card!!! Your design improvement suggestion looks great!!!

73; Kevin WA4GQG

16.02.2012 05:03
EMAIL Review   Verveche Patrice,  F5RBB

hello gennady,
thank's for TM10E QSL. We are very happy.
Perfect job.
bye gennady

02.02.2012 12:05
WEB Review   Joop Van Der Does,  PA3JD

Today received in excellent condx a 1000 cards of PI4HGV, region station of VERON A-26 Hoogeveen in Holland. Well done, perfect packed and beautiful printing.
Thanks very much, Genna, and your whole staff.

On behalf of the board of A-26 Hoogeveen.

Joop, PA3JD

30.01.2012 13:45
WEB Review   Jay Moran,  N2JCM

Hi Gennady,

Received my cards today and they look great! Thank you very much for including the visiting cards, they look great as well! These are my very first QSL cards and I can't wait to start sending them out. The glossy color front and matte color back make an extremely sharp looking card. I'm amazed at the fair price and excellent work. Thank you again!

Jay, N2JCM

28.01.2012 20:18
WEB Review   Tom Lish,  N6AJR

Hey Gennady, I got my new cards in the mail today and wanted to say thanks for such a great job.

I have used other printers in the past but this is my first 2 sided full color card. It came out so very nice, ( even if my ugly mug is on the front:) ) and I am so glad I ordered from you.

My old cards were about $ 60 shipped for a thousand 1 sided black and white cards, basically like the back of my new cards. For the extra $10 or $15 I get full color cards with exactaly what I want on them. and from start to finish in under 2 weeks!!

I am really proud of the job you did, and if you want to use them as an example of your work, I would be honored. You Done GOOD, thanks, tom N6AJR

09.01.2012 00:22
WEB Review   Mika,  OH6NVC

Hi Gennady!

Many thanks for printing and very fast delivery.
My new qsl looks great.!
73 Mika oh6nvc

30.12.2011 05:05
WEB Review   Viv,  G4PLY

You never disappoint.The cards are great,the service is outstanding,no more to be said.
73 de Viv G4PLY

22.12.2011 17:11
WEB Review   Andy,  G7SQW

Thanks again for another batch of fine cards,my first full colour glossy QSL's.

With less than 2 weeks between our first email exchange to delivery I can't imagine why I would need to look elsewhere in the future for more cards.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year

73, Andy

18.12.2011 03:53
WEB Review   Peter,  DL6KA

Thank You once again for my new Card's and best Quality printing!
For the Seasontime all the best to you and your Family Merry Christmas.!

73, Peter DL6KA

10.12.2011 14:05
WEB Review   Elmar,  PD3EM

After receiving my new PD3EM QSL cards in October, I ordered special QSL cards for my holiday operation on Iceland in November. Exactly two weeks after sending my design the package of TF/PD3EM QSL cards arrived.

And again the QSL cards are very good and of high quality!

Thanks again Gennady for your fast and very good service!

73, Elmar PD3EM

06.12.2011 12:04
WEB Review   Dave,  EI7JK

Thank you once again for another excellent job. The quality and design of my new 'bureau' cards is outstanding as usual.

I look forward to ordering again soon.

Merry Christmas to you & your family.

Regards & 73,
Dave - EI7JK

28.11.2011 07:22
WEB Review   Леонид Коваль,  UT7CL

Супер !!! 10 дней и QSL хорошего качества на руках. Спасибо и 73

23.11.2011 04:23

Hello Gennady,

this morning, 18 days (!!!) after uploading my new QSL design, a well-wrapped package arrived in Riemst (Belgium). This was my second order at UX5UO's.

What a great quality and superb service !

Tonight I will start writing numerous of these nice QSL-cards, ready for sending them all over the world.

Thanks again Gennady,
73, Paul.

21.11.2011 12:43
WEB Review   Евгений,  UW5ZM

Карточки получены в суботу. С момента заказа прошло 17дней! Качественно и оперативно! Спасибо!

19.11.2011 17:46
WEB Review   Karen,  KM8Q

Thanks so much for the super job you did on my QSL card.

Your patience and artistic talent is boundless.

We lost "Zeus" on the front of our card to canine leukemia, and now your design memorialized him forever.

TNX es 73
Karen, KM8Q

29.10.2011 05:19
WEB Review   Chris Bellmont,  VK3AWG

Hi Gennady,
Thank you for my wonderful QSL cards.The printing is flawless.I will be passing on your business cards to my friends.


27.10.2011 13:57
WEB Review   Thibaut,  FR1LB

so beautifull is my QSL!
i am very happy
i hope that the OM will find my photo nice
but the printing job is very nice
and it was very fast to receve the QSL at home directly in Reunion Island
many thank's for this very nice job and the perfect quality of the paper

22.10.2011 06:10
WEB Review   Roger,  MW0IDX

Hi Gennady,

I have just received my QSL cards and I am very pleased with them. Excellent communications, quality and price. Will definitely recommend to others.

Many thanks & 73

Roger MW0IDX

07.10.2011 05:32
WEB Review   Paul,  ON2PCO

Hi dear Gennady,

your QSL-products are great : quality is pefect. I received my QSL-cards within 3 weeks (!) after uploading my design. Thanks for the great service.

73, Paul - ON2PCO
a Dutchman in Belgium

28.09.2011 13:49
WEB Review   Darin Cowan,  VE3OIJ

After some disappointing experiences with QSL printing in Canada, I followed an ad that led me to UX5UO. I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality and price of Gennady's cards.

Thus far, I have used UX5UO print for two sets of cards on my own callsign, plus the VE3MOON special event, and VE3JW (the Canada Science and Technology Museum station).

I recommend UX5UO Print to anyone.

73 de VE3OIJ

23.09.2011 16:25
WEB Review   Wild Bill William Beyer,  N2WB

Hello Gennady:

Thank you so very much for a SUPER job with HR5/N2WB.
Many great comments on the print, wow.
Super looking card....

73 Bill

23.09.2011 06:53
WEB Review   David Croft,  M0YBC

Hello Gennady
thank you for the qsl cards superb as ever added a link on my qrz page
best wishes

10.09.2011 17:25
WEB Review   Nick,  PA3ADS

Hello Gennady,

Manny Thanks for the nice qslcards.
I received them 3 weeks after ordering.
Perfect printing, great quality!!!

73's Nick

09.09.2011 11:37
WEB Review   Jean-Louis,  TM100SC/F1SIU

Hello Gennady.
Cards arrived this day. They are perfected as every time. Always very happy to rely on you!

06.09.2011 15:57
WEB Review   Fred,  WA1ZIC

Did a great job on many pieces of "junk". Card looks great.

25.08.2011 11:14
WEB Review   Edward,  UT3NN

привет !очень комуникабильная и доброжелательная контора во главе с Геннадием Треусом прекрасное исполнение в короткие сроки и скажем так доступные для радиолюбителей цены.Всем желающим обновить свою QSL-ку не ищите приключений заказывайте здесь!

25.08.2011 11:13
WEB Review   Rick,  VE7TK

Gennady my QSL cards arrived on the 24th (my birthday - hi). They are gorgeous! Thank you for your time and patience in working out the design. I know I will be very proud of my new QSLs.

Your service has been amazing and it took only 2 weeks from the time I placed the order until the mailman was at my door. This was my first order from UX5UO Print and I will be recommending you to other DXers!

Thank you again and I'll be looking for you on 20 metres!


24.08.2011 07:43
WEB Review   Bob,  K2TV

Beautiful printing quality, fast service. Gennady does a terrific job.

11.08.2011 14:46
WEB Review   Ian Wilson,  ZL1OGX

I had a publisher file with my diy qsl card on it and Gennady was able to take a relatively low quiality diy job and turn it into a pro grade job. Also it was great to pay my local rep and about 2 weeks later have the postman knock on the door with the finished cards. Thanks you for the brilliant service.


09.08.2011 16:24
WEB Review   Jim Adams,  K0BAM

Just got my QSL cards in and all I can say is WOW! The quality is absolutely amazing, the price is right and you worked with me to get my cards just the way I wanted them. You have a customer for life.

25.07.2011 20:42
WEB Review   Tom Johnson,  K4TOJ

Gennady & Julia,

Wow - received the cards today. Thank you very much! After sending you my example of a card, you made a couple tweaks and improved it very nicely. About 2 1/2 weeks later, they arrive. Awesome job at such a price. Will definitely order again.

73! Tom K4TOJ

11.07.2011 15:15
WEB Review   Christian JARTEL,  F4RST

Thanks Gennady for quick delivery of excellent printed QSL cards. All is always perfect !
73! Christian, F4RST

07.07.2011 09:01
WEB Review   Jim Oborne,  W3YE

I was very happy with the quality of the cards and the support in making sure all the pictures and graphics were perfact for printing. my old call was KB3OJM and I am looking foreword to seeing the new cards with my new call. you do have the best quality and value around. Thanks again for an outstanding product


03.07.2011 08:12
WEB Review   Aline LECOMTE,  F4GPA


I'm very happy of my QSL! Your conception is perfect and the price also. Your know-how for the set-off is very excellent. Good packaging and fast, so i will recommand you around me of course!My husband F1GOY is also happy off your job.
My english isn't very good, i hope what you understand me... I'm a novice on amateur station and english message.

88 Aline

27.06.2011 13:31
EMAIL Review   Chuck Patellis,  W8PT


I received the well wrapped package today. All the QSLs came 100% without any damage. They look GREAT! Exactly as we discussed in our e-mails. Thank you very much for a great looking QSL! I will be thinking of your fine work every time I send out a card. And I will recommend your print service to all who are looking for a fine quality card. And I also thanked Tom, KB8UUZ, because it was the card that you printed for him that convinced me that you were the person to do my cards.

Thanks again!

73 - Chuck Patellis W8PT

27.06.2011 06:35
WEB Review   Fred Rahlenbeck,  SM7DAY/P

Thanks Gennady for quick delivery of excellent printed QSL cards.
73 Fred SM7DAY

24.06.2011 13:14
WEB Review   Peter Way,  ER0PB

Thanks for the quick delivery of QSL cards in good quality.
The cards are received in good condition. They were well packaged. No bent corners.
73, Peter

15.06.2011 07:14
WEB Review   Tony Roberts, Jim Peden,  GR4ZIB AND GR8DQP

Thanks for excellent service Gena. We really like the cards that you have printed for us and will enjoy sending them to our QSO partners.
The printing was completed in less than four weeks from placing the order to safe arrival of the cards

09.06.2011 19:20
WEB Review   George Girling,  ZL2GEO

Thanks for printing my QSL cards, they were just
what I asked for. A great print, very good packaging, quick turnaround and I shall be back for more in the near future.
Mni tx Gena.

23.05.2011 06:33
WEB Review   Jim Peden,  G8DQP

Dealing with Gena is very easy. I use skype to send files and talk about the order. Changes are done very quickly to the customers satisfaction. I did wait longer than usual for the cards to arrive but that was for selfish reasons. I had a QSO with Gena when he was using the special call EN50UG and I asked if he could send the EN50 card with my completed order. The package was firm, no corners bent so no cards wasted, and the EN50 card is a real beauty, well worth having if you worked the call.
Tnx Gena, Jim, G8DQP

18.05.2011 02:41
WEB Review   Валерий,  UR5WCA

Сегодня получил, спасибо. Как всегда качественно и в срок. Еще раз спасибо, успехов.
Валерий, UR5WCA

09.05.2011 11:55
WEB Review   Guillermo Munoz,  KP2H

Thank you very much for a very "well done" job on my QSL cards...The turnaround time was fantastic...Will definetly order from you again and will tell my friends about you...73s,


29.04.2011 09:50
WEB Review   Jeff,  BW1-11001

I just received my first order of QSLs from Gennady today. These cards have great quality at fantastic price and very fast service. Thanks

29.04.2011 09:35
WEB Review   Ting,  BV1EJ

I just received my thrid order of cards from Gennady. The service and quality were excellent. I can say that the quality is very good and that I would buy more in the future.

21.04.2011 09:01
WEB Review   Владимир,  RZ3VZ

Все получено.
Спасибо за оперативность и качество

14.04.2011 05:18
WEB Review   Kev Haworth,  M0TNX


Can I thank you both and Charles M0OXO for the superb cards, the fast turnaround and the SECOND TO NONE... Customer service, I will be using you for three special event callsigns soon. Thanks once again.

Kev (M0TNX)

09.04.2011 20:26
WEB Review   Johan Van Aarde,  ZS2I

Hi Gennady,
Thank yoy very much, I received my QSL cards well within the estimated time. I am impressed with the quality of the cards. The price is also very reasonable.
73 - Johan (ZS2I)

29.03.2011 13:17
WEB Review   Jim McGowan.,  M0MAC

Hi Gennady & Julia , many thanks again on behalf of the Havering & DARC for the QSL cards , as usual top quality and service as before .
Jim M0MAC Chairman Havering & DARC

22.03.2011 06:08
WEB Review   Kevin Jackson,  M0XLT

Hi Gennady & Julia,
received the cards today and the new design looks great. A very fast service as usual.

I've used UX5UO print since 2007 and the service has always been 5 star.



20.03.2011 23:37
WEB Review   John Porter,  N3BR

Received cards on Saturday. Just what I wanted excellent quality and looks. Thanks for your great customer service also. Excellent

10.03.2011 15:51

dear gennady
received my qsl yesterday only three weeks after the command
very fast service
the quality is very good and the coulours wonderful
very happy with my qsl's
thank's for the very good jog
73's bernard

07.03.2011 14:24
WEB Review   Don,  IK2EGL

Hi Julia & Gennady
tnx so much for QSL; let me say that you your fast service and flexibility did a great job and ham community will see your work and will appreciate.

03.03.2011 14:28
WEB Review   Eric,  PA2REH

Hi Julia and Gennady,
You did a great job and very fast. Thanks a lot for the fb job, 73 es

24.02.2011 11:30
WEB Review   Allan,  2M0VNW

Thank you very much for your prompt service and fast turn around. Very much satisfied with the cards. Will definitely order from you again and let others know and thank`s to Charles for his part
best regards

03.02.2011 21:56
WEB Review   Ron Van Aken,  ON1CB

Hi Julia & Gennady,

Received New QSL Cards yesterday, and again all went well !
Thanks !

Best regards,


27.01.2011 06:44
WEB Review   Mamoru,  JQ2BBC

Dear Gennady,

Today,I received my New QSL cards.
I printed QSL to a new cards with my PC at once.
Without any problem, I printed 100 QSL cards in several minutes.

It's very fine. A good job!
Many thanks for your high quality job.

Best 73.

Mamoru Suzuki JQ2BBC

24.01.2011 08:14
WEB Review   ERIC,  F5BZB

Hi Julia & Gennady.

I just received Qsl Card
Excellent job, very happy with my new cards.

Highly recommended.

Thanks again 73...ERIC F5BZB

23.01.2011 06:02
WEB Review   Piérard Laurent,  ON2VHF

Hello Gennady and Julia,
many tks for my new qsl card for my hobby and my Job,
is verry nice :)
laurent ON2VHF ex: ON3VHF

12.01.2011 03:00
WEB Review   Jean-Louis,  F5OCL

Dear Gennady and the Team,
All OK , I received three weeks after my QSL cards
and I'm very happy , the result is in time and quality.
Thanks again Guys

10.01.2011 06:49
WEB Review   Steve Dunleavy,  VK4KUS

Hi Julia, Gennady and the crew,
Very Very Happy with the quality of the cards.
The service was far better than I could have ever expected. Emails were sent every step of the way keeping me up to date with where we were up to.
I expected the cards a week or two after Christmas, received them Christmas Eve.
Exceptional service and products...
Thanks again Guys
Best wishes for 2011

25.12.2010 15:09
WEB Review   Euvgen,  UW5ZM

QSL получены очень быстро! Все отлично спасибо.

14.12.2010 12:41
WEB Review   Carl Mason,  GW0VSW

Hi Julia & Gennady,
I received my new cards today and once again I am very pleased with the quality and service you provided. Keep up the good work.
73's and Happy Christmas.

07.12.2010 18:20
WEB Review   Charlie,  NP3K

Hi Julia, Gennady,

Thank you very much for your prompt service and fast turn around. Very much satisfied with the cards. Will definitely order from you again and let others know.

73, Charlie NP3K

02.12.2010 02:58
WEB Review   Craig Meddings,  VK3VCM

Hi Gennady,

My QSL cards arrived yesterday and I am AMAZED by the fantastic quality and finish on the cards.

You do an amazing job - and I will be telling all my Amateur Radio Friends about your fantastic service. I'll also be putting up a link to your site from my personal website http://vk3vcm.net - for no other reason that to spread the word about your great service to the Amateur Radio Community around the world.

Thanks again - and I'll be ordering from you again!


Craig Meddings - VK3VCM
Melbourne, Australia
Website : http://vk3vcm.net

23.11.2010 20:24
WEB Review   Gerry,  VE3PYJ

Hi Julia, Gennady,
My cards arrived today and well packaged. Super job and thanks for your help sharpening up my photo and other enhancements. Thanks to Dwayne KD4POJ for handling payment and getting the info out to me so quickly. The Super(4G+4) cards really are SUPER!!!
Highly recommended.

Thanks again 73...Gerry VE3PYJ

15.11.2010 17:09
WEB Review   John,  ZL3TRR

Dear Gennady, Excellent service ordered and paid 22nd October 10 and received 15 November 2010 , 25 Days later. These are high quality cards. I would have no hesitation in recommending and will be ordering more. 73's John Reinke ZL3TRR

06.11.2010 07:01
WEB Review   David,  M3CSZ

thank you for the cards
SUPERB ... will be ordering
many many more

David m3csz

04.11.2010 06:58
WEB Review   Peter,  DN0UKW

Thank You for Nice QSL - Card .
Thanks for help by disign

Peter DO9PL

02.11.2010 15:07
WEB Review   Patrice And Mireille,  F5RBB & F0FRL

hello gennady
received TK/F5RBB & TK/F0FRL cards today
I'm very happy with the quality of the cards
very good job
73's and all the best.

29.10.2010 00:19
WEB Review   Phil,  VE2FU

Hello Julia, Gennady,

I just received my cards and want to thank Julia and you for the nice quality work.
You truly could read my mind when designing it !

Regards Phil VE2FU

28.10.2010 14:21
WEB Review   Veit,  DL7ET / AL3T

Once again run very well.
Many thanks and vy best 73

28.10.2010 14:20
WEB Review   Peter Leetink,  DO9PL

Thanks for nice disign of my QSL.
Thank 73


15.10.2010 14:01
WEB Review   Arnaud,  ON4MHO

Hello Gennady,

I received my qsl cards a few days ago. Well...what can I say? The result is excellent in all aspects. The design was fast, the shipment was fast, the communication was friendly. You're a winner. Till my next order, best greetings from Belgium.

15.10.2010 13:52

Hi Julia & Gennady.

I just recieved the Qsl Card yesterday;
Excellent job, very happy with my new cards.
Keep the good work!!!!

Thanks & 73`s.....RENE-NP3O

02.10.2010 15:51
WEB Review   Laurent Rigal,  XU7ATM

Dear Julia and Gennady,
i received the QSL cards yesterday.
Contragulations for the quality and the fast shipment.
Many thanks, 73

01.10.2010 02:57
WEB Review   Takuya "TAKU" Kawamura,  JE7GRI

Dear Gennady,

Today,I received my QSL.
It's very fine. A good job!
Many thanks for your quality job.

Best 73.

Takuya "TAKU" Kawamura JE7GRI

29.09.2010 08:26
WEB Review   Joop Van Der Does,  PA3JD

Hi Gennady,
The second delivery with another 4000 cards arrived this morning. Finest printing in the world at both sides of the Chinese wall! Well packed and with a large amount of postal stamps from the Ukraine. Well done, many thanks to you, your staff and Onno LeComte. Best 73 de Joop, PA3JD

25.09.2010 15:28
WEB Review   Michael Dailey,  M0MDA

quality cards, excellent service, great price. would recommend to all. many thanks
73 de m0mda

11.09.2010 17:16
WEB Review   Peter Fraser,  VK3ZPF

Hi Gennady

Thank you very much for your prompt service. The cards are 100% fantastic and I have already written over 100 cards for distribution via the bureau.

I will be ordering more cards from you soon...
Peter VK3ZPF

10.09.2010 15:20
WEB Review   Russell,  G5XW

Another order received GW5XW and 110% again
Brilliant, printed all my cards so far G5XW. CN2XW. GU5XW. GJ5XW. GM5XW. F/G5XW. GB2PBL. GB1CPB. + at least 5 more Ive sorted for others :0) but always the same fast, good, service EVERY time
tnx Gennady

08.09.2010 06:04
WEB Review   Ron Van Aken,  ON7YX

Julia Gennady,
Received ON4NOK & OR5N cards today, and again outstanding job !
Many thanks !


01.09.2010 07:50
WEB Review   Marc Christiaens,  ON6LR

Dear Gennady,
Today I received my QSL cards, very fine achievement. Congratulations for printing.
Only quartre weeks for delivery.
At the next order

73's Qro
Marc ON6LR

26.08.2010 08:54
WEB Review   Tom Parkinson,  KB8UUZ

WONDERFUL! QSL cards arrived well packed. Opened them up and WOW, Super Job!! Great Quality, easy to order, help is only an e-mail away. I will highly recommend UX5UO for QSL cards!!!

25.08.2010 04:01
WEB Review   Валерий Проданов,  UR5WCA

Геннадий, спасибо!
Получил сегодня карточки, выполнены, как всегда, с высоким качеством. Срок выполнения заказа всего лишь две недели! Еще раз спасибо.
73 & DX,s!
Валерий UR5WCA

24.08.2010 17:05
WEB Review   David Dunkelberger,  AJ4FM

Just received my new cards in just 3 weeks from order date. Excellent quality and a card I'm very proud of.

My first new card in over 50 years, and it is the best!

Thanks to Gennady for the printing, Julia for getting things organized and shipped, and my friend, Dwayne KD4POJ, for handling the payment.

One needs not look for anyone else to supply your QSL cards, just have UX5UO take care of it. My friends will be encouraged to place orders soon.

73 es GD DX,
David AJ4FM

20.08.2010 12:17
WEB Review   António Henriques,  CT1GND

Hello Gennady
Many tanks for the QSL-cards.
A very good job.
Tank you 73
António Henriques

16.08.2010 14:10
EMAIL Review   Валерий Дорохов,  UA3CC

Геннадий UX5UO,
Сегодня на почте получены QSL 4K2CC напечатанные в UX5UO print.Качество QSL хорошее - большое спасибо! Срок выполнения заказа отподачи заявки до получения QSL составил 4 недели - отлично!

73! Валерий UA3CC - http://ua3cc-4k2cc-uv3cc.narod.ru/

16.08.2010 11:43
WEB Review   Ralph,  KU4PT

Hi Gennady,

Cards arrived today. That is about two or more weeks sooner than I was expecting them. They are very nice and match the proofs that you sent.

Thanks for the quick and quality job on the cards. I hope you are still printing cards when I need some more.

There are some more hams in the area that are looking at your service and I am sure that when I show them the cards they will order some from you.

73 de KU4PT

15.08.2010 17:13
WEB Review   Didier,  F4DFR

Hello Gennady,
The QSL's arrived today,
They are marvelous !!!
Many thanks for your quality job.

Best 73,
Didier F4DFR

04.08.2010 10:43
WEB Review   Chuck,  W2CCW

Your cards are 1st quality and have surpassed my expectations. Everything was processed smooth and hassle free.

Thank You,
Chuck ( W2CCW )

03.08.2010 16:18
WEB Review   Veit,  DL7ET/P

absolutely fascinating ! High quality cards for the lowest price I'hve ever seen and very short time.
Only one week after payment I got the parcel with the cards. Thats grandious!

You are my favorite QSL printer for future cards I need.

Thank you and 73
de Veit DL7ET / AL3T

02.08.2010 21:14
WEB Review   Roger,  W3ROG

Got the cards in today and they look great, very nice!

02.08.2010 03:00
WEB Review   Gwena,  F4FHZ

Hi Gennady,
QSL received this morning by the post
the delays has been well respected, and the work is very good.
I recommend to all OM.
thank you again
73's and all the best, F4FHZ/Gwena

01.08.2010 12:27
WEB Review   Jim McGowan,  M0MAC / M1CUC

Hi Gennedy OM , many thanks for a top quality QSL card . Very fast service too , well done.

30.07.2010 09:42
EMAIL Review   Martyn Phillips,  G3RFX

Dear Gennady,
My new G3RFX QSL cards arrived yesterday, 29 July, after only 13 days from the day of ordering them. What super service! Excellent print quality too, thanks!
Look out for another order from me soon: a new batch of my ZG2FX cards.
Vy 73
Martyn G3RFX

26.07.2010 16:58
WEB Review   Meseciyan Georges,  F5MAG

Thank you for the excellent work seriously super fast and consistent 73 to any team

22.07.2010 23:29
WEB Review   Rob,  PA3GVI

Gennady and Julia, Thank you for the good service again!
Kind Regards, best wishes to you both.

04.07.2010 14:26
EMAIL Review   Charles Mitchell,  G0SKA

Dear Julia,
Thanks so much. The cards arrived a week or two back and are excellent. Thank you very much for your very good service. I have mentioned you to the amateurs in our club.
I was particularly impressed with the speed and quality of the first draft. You make it so easy to design a card, something I had been putting off for years!
73s and keep up the good work!
Charles g0ska

30.06.2010 02:56
EMAIL Review   Johan Van Vuuren,  ZS6JVV

Hello Grennady,
I received my QSL cards yesterday and they are beautiful .
Thank you for the excellent service ,I will recommend you to all the radio amateurs that I know
Greetings and best wishes till next time
Johan van Vuuren

18.06.2010 11:40
EMAIL Review   Andy Adams,  GM0KZG

Hi Guys,
Absolutely superb QSL cards, they arrived this week. I am impressed with the quality and service, and will have no hesitation in recommending you to fellow Hams in the future. Thanks for a great job done, look forward to ordering from you again in the future,

73's and thanks

11.06.2010 19:28
WEB Review   Frank MacKenzie-Lamb,  NG1I

Hello Julia and Gennady,

Hello from Cherry Valley, MA USA! My third order of luxury cards arrived in three weeks and are again, beautifully done with a change of a color photo insert on the front and information and symbols added/changed on the reverse. A better card I can not find and will continue to recommend your service to other hams and keep you as my QSL provider. Mny 73 and GL!

06.06.2010 23:38
EMAIL Review   Lorne Ingrey,  VE6AWI

Hi Dwayne,
Received my cards today and was impressed with the quality. Was suprised that the front of the card was "Gloss" finish....very nice. I would recommend any one to order their cards through you. I don't know how to post on the internet so you can , on my behalf, post my recommendations. Have already told other hams that they should consider Gennady for their cards and am sure you will get more requests. Thanks and have a safe trip...looking forward to 160 opening in the fall. 73 Lorne VE6AWI

05.06.2010 15:40
EMAIL Review   Rich Fowler,  K8MEG


Just want to say thanks for the great service! I'm pleased with the
results. They look really nice! Sending out a batch in a couple days
and hopeful they'll be appreciated.

Best Regards,

01.06.2010 21:38
WEB Review   Roland Spoon,  AH6RR

My cards are just the best I get comments all the time on how nice they are. Gennady thanks again for the great cards. If you are thinking of QSL cards you will be very proud to send these out.

73, and Good DX
Roland AH6RR

27.05.2010 16:42
EMAIL Review   Bjorn Henrik Vangstein,  LA5MDA

Hello again Gennady;

Yesterday I received my QSL-cards, and I just wanted to tell you that I'm
very happy with the quality of the cards!
Many thanks, and I'm sure I will print the next batch of cards at UX5UO

Kind regards/73 from
Henrik LA5MDA

24.05.2010 21:48
WEB Review   Bernhard Wolf,  KE5AKG

Hi, just received my cards, and both my wife and me agree they are absolutely beautiful. I needed new cards to increase the response rate for my QSLs, and I am sure those will do the trick. Thanks and very 73, Bernhard

22.05.2010 11:56
WEB Review   Ed Skube,  W9AQL

Gennady, I just received my QSL's this morning May 22, 2010. As I said before when I ordered I was looking forward to receiving my QSL's and you did not disappoint me with the fine job you have done on my QSL, they were PERFECT. If I am able to send you any customers I will be glad to recommed you to any amateur looking for quality QSL's. Thanks again, Ed W9AQL.

10.05.2010 07:40
WEB Review   Ron Van Aken,  OR2A

Dear Julia and Gennady,

The OR2A cards for ONFF 046 arrived today, again outstanding job !

73, Ron ON7YX - OR2A

05.05.2010 15:01
EMAIL Review   Stephen Licht,  WF2S

Dear Gennady:
I received the QSL cards today. EXCELLENT JOB. Ochen krasivi kartechki !

Steve WF2S

05.05.2010 10:12
WEB Review   Berndet Josef Wulf,  VK5ABN


I received my QSL cards today. Good communication throughout the ordering process, smooth transaction and prompt delivery. I'm very impressed with the quality of the cards and their service. Many thanks to Jualia and Gennady for their fantastic work.

73, Berndt

29.04.2010 13:34
WEB Review   Dave,  EI7JK

My new cards arrived today and were of excellent quality as always. Many thanks Julia & Gennady for this outstanding service you provide.

73 - Dave EI7JK

22.04.2010 02:18
WEB Review   Олег,  UR5FA

Сегодня получил карточки, спасибо за оперативность и качество.

20.04.2010 12:48
WEB Review   Женя,  UW5ZM

QSL получены сегодня. Все отлично. Большое спасибо.

20.04.2010 06:42
WEB Review   Tom Hall,  N3ZC

Emailed Gennady back and forth a few times tweaking the design of my cards..After the design was complete, I paid for them thru KD4POJ, and I received the cards in less than a month via Registered Mail! They look great too..like glossy colored postcards! I feel that I more than got my money's worth! Will use UX5UO for my cards from now on. Highly recommended!

16.04.2010 15:26
EMAIL Review   Cyrille THAUVIN,  F8CED

HI !
I have received the beautiful QSL cards.
Very nice print and colors, Quick and excellent job !
Hope to send you another order soon...
73's Cyrille F8CED / F6KBG

15.04.2010 12:08
WEB Review   James Blythe,  W4RDX AND NG4DX, W4BRC

I recently moved to another state and was in need of QSLs for the two calls I manage and myself. I emailed UX5UO with my possible designs and received a great mock-up of my cards. I received the cards two weeks earlier than promised and the quality was outstanding. I will enjoy using these great cards so other amateurs can see their uniqueness and their quality. 73, James W4RDX

14.04.2010 15:34
WEB Review   Martin,  G0VXC

Thank's for my second lot of cards there as good as the first lot. Will be ordering again soon Thanks again
73 de Martin g0vxc

14.04.2010 00:29
EMAIL Review   Garry Hammond,  VE3XN

Hi Gennady,

Thanks to you and your team ....I have received the box of cards today with VX3XN and VG3AAO cards.
They are beautiful and I am proud to start sending them out to direct requests.
Bureau cards will be sent shortly.

Congratulations on another FB job!

Garry, VE3XN for VX3XN and VG3AAO
Apruil 14, 2010

13.04.2010 13:12
WEB Review   Gerry,  A6/VE6LB

Great cards, good price and super customer support.

There where a couple small issues promtly handled by Gennady and Julia.

Highly recommended.

Gerry VE6LB

09.04.2010 12:03
WEB Review   Christian,  F4RST

Hello Gennady

Cards arrived today good job.
They are excellent and the delivery was really fast.

Best 73's Chris / F4RST

09.04.2010 03:52
WEB Review   Jan Mahler,  PE1MPA

Hello Gennady

Cards arrived today exelent job

73 jan PE1MPA

30.03.2010 08:46
WEB Review   Jim,  WA3ERQ

Just received my batch of cards and the quality is nothing less than fantastic. I now plan on getting eye-ball cards and look forward to my next order.


27.03.2010 04:39
WEB Review   ERIC,  F5BZB


QSL cards arrived today.Very nice quality and great service.

Best regard's

Eric F5BZB

25.03.2010 08:05
WEB Review   Bill Baker,  WG5T

Using from my second order. You have a really fine product I am happy to send out.

24.03.2010 06:20

Dear Julia and Gennady,

on March 13rd I received the QSL, I was very busy and I could not write to you soon.

The job done is very, very good and I want to thank you for the improvement on the QSL image that you printed.

I am happy to be your client as F5VML and soon I'll order my QSL as i0BJV, my italian callsign.

Thanks a lot


21.03.2010 20:16
EMAIL Review   Junichi Kanaji,  JO1VRL

Dear Gennady and Julia,

On March 20 I received your shipment of QSL cards.

I am very pleased that they were delivered so quickly and they are very beautiful.
Thank you for your printing.

Best regards,
Junichi, JO1VRL

18.03.2010 12:30
EMAIL Review   Kimmo Tuominen,  OH1CM

Greetings Gennady.

Cards arrived today.
They are excellent and the delivery was really fast.

When I need more cards, I'll contact you.

Thank you once again,
Kimmo OH1CM

13.03.2010 05:46
EMAIL Review   Paul Spinks,  VK5GX

Hi Gennady, Dwayne and Julia,

I received the cards this morning. Wow! Really happy with the end result. Delivery time was right on the money.

A product review (5/5) has been posted at Eham.net

Thank you for your time and attention to detail. The product and service is excellent. I will definitely use you again.

Paul VK5GX

12.03.2010 02:44
WEB Review   Ron Van Aken,  OR2A

Hi Gennady,

Cards received today (12-03-2010), and job well done !!
Will recommend you to my club members.

Again many thanks and best wishes.

73 Ron OR2A (on7yx)

11.03.2010 12:59
WEB Review   Holger,  DO5HNL

Hallo Gennadi

Herzlichen Dank für die von Ihnen zu gesandten QSL-Karten. Sie sind wirklich sehr gut gelungen. Zudem möchte ich mich bei Alexander DM5BB hier in Deutschland für die gute Beratung bedanken.
73 de DO5HNL

09.03.2010 14:39
WEB Review   David,  MW0CRI

73 David MW0CRI

04.03.2010 18:17
EMAIL Review   John Moore,  N1FOJ

Hello Gennady , My cards arrived in the mail today. The Old Cards look Great as always , But I really Love the New Ones ! I don't know how you do it , My Friend. Great Quality and Really Low Cost is Very Hard to Find , But I get it from UX5UO ! You certainly have possession of my Business for the Forseeable Future. You are welcome to use this as a Testimonial if you like. I hope to hear you on the air soon. My Tower will be going back up this Spring. Wishing you Good DXing ! 73 , John - N1FOJ

01.03.2010 22:38
EMAIL Review   Twan Van Der Meer,  PA8TWN

Dear Julia,

I have received the QSL cards just before the weekend. I received the package undamaged and the QSL cards are of great quality! Very good color and excellent details, even with the small letters I have used in het design. Again, great job!

Thanks for the excellent service!

Best Regards,
Twan van der Meer

28.02.2010 10:15
EMAIL Review   Wolfgang Bauer,  OE5BWN

Dear Julia!
Dear Gennady!

Excellent work again – received my beautiful cards yesterday – ALL OK – see you by the next order !

UX5UO – One of best

73 from your friend Wolf


24.02.2010 15:40
EMAIL Review   Jack MacDonald,  W3JTM

Hello Gennady,

My QSL cards arrived today.
They are excellent.
I look forward to doing business with you again.
I'm using Photoshop to design some photo cards for the next order.

Regards, Jack W3JTM

22.02.2010 19:03
EMAIL Review   Howard Eskridge,  K9GYI

Dear Gennady,

My new QSL cards arrived today, all in good condition. My thanks to you for the prompt processing of my order.

Thank you again for so quickly getting back to me with your design after I sent you the draft of what I had in mind. Your final result was much more attractive than I had even considered.

Thanks again for your creative work and rapid service.

Howard Eskridge, K9GYI

13.02.2010 13:27
WEB Review   Marco Mendes,  CT2GTT

Thank You for the QSL-cards!
I received them, and I am very satisfied! Very good work!
Thank You!
Marco Mendes

12.02.2010 18:11
EMAIL Review   Kathy Steels,  VE3GYL

I received my QSL cards on Wednesday. Thank you very much! They are perfect and exactly what I was looking for in a QSL card.
Kathy Steels VE3GYL

12.02.2010 06:35
WEB Review   Patrick Bittiger,  F2DX

Less than 4 weeks to receive my new color QSL. Nice quality, great job Gennady ! I look forward to working with you the next time I need more cards.

73, Patrick F2DX

11.02.2010 18:52
EMAIL Review   Alan Gale,  G4TMV

Hi Gennady,

Just a quick note to let you know that the QSL cards for GB0ESM
arrived here safely today, and they look great. We're very pleased
with the quality of them and appreciate your excellent service.

Thank you again and 73 for now,

Alan, G4TMV (for GB0ESM/GX0UQA - Ellenroad Steam Museum/Radio Club).

10.02.2010 05:26
EMAIL Review   Lars-Göran Persson,  SM6CUK

Hi Gennady and Julia!

Thanks very much for the outstanding QSL-cards you have printed. I got the big packet yesterday, it took only a few days more than the small air-packet delivery.

The quality is like last time excellent, I will recommend all my HAM-friends to print at you. Also thanks for the small "bonus-cards". I will enclose one to everybody with the regular QSL.

73 de Lars SM6CUK

09.02.2010 19:03
WEB Review   Joe Arcure,  W3HNK

Been dealing with Gennady for sometime now, I find him to be very efficient in his designing,printing and shipping of all the cards I use here!
Theres not enough room here for me to list all the good things hes done for me and the help he has provided. I wish him & daughter Julia the best always!

09.02.2010 07:00
EMAIL Review   Johan Hobbel,  PA1BP

Just picked up the package at the post office It was well wrapped and not damaged.
Cards look just like i expected.

tnx for the service

I will recommend you to other ham's

73 de PA1BP

08.02.2010 20:20
EMAIL Review   Neil Richardson,  ZL2UN

Hi Pete and Gennady

Cards arrived today. Thanks very much for a very prompt, efficient and helpful service. Arrived at the same time as an increase in the solar activity (coincidence?)

Neil Richardson ZL2UN

08.02.2010 12:16
EMAIL Review   Василий,  UT8NR

Здравствуйте, Юлия .
Карточки получил в пятницу, карточкой получившейся доволен. Я и не сомневался, что будет всё ок! не первый раз заказываю ...
Василий. СПАСИБО!

05.02.2010 11:23
EMAIL Review   Chip Taylor,  W1AIM

Hello Gennady,

Yes, the W1AIM QSL order arrived earlier this week in fine condition. They are great! A very nice job and I am so happy. I think anyone who now receives these QSLs from me will also be happy.

Thank you so much for the fine printing and fast shipment. I will be sure to recommend you to others!


03.02.2010 09:10
WEB Review   Ian Hodgetts,  PD0KBH

Less than 4 weeks from placing the order 1000 wonderful cards arrived

THanks for the quick and excellent service

02.02.2010 10:58
EMAIL Review   Mathieu Roche,  MJ0ASP

Dear Julia and Gennady,

The QSL's have arrived in Jersey this morning, in very good condition.

They look great and I will be very pleased to send them out.
Thanks again for your good service.

73, mathieu MJ0ASP

01.02.2010 09:37
WEB Review   Ulis Fleming,  K3LU

Hi Gennady & Julia,

Just to let you know that the QSLs I ordered from you arrived on Saturday. I am very very happy with them and appreciate the wonderful service you both provide. I look forward to working with you the next time I need QSLs!

Warmest Regards from Cold Maryland USA
Ulis K3LU

29.01.2010 18:58
EMAIL Review   Vlad Michtchenko,  N0STL

Уважаемые Юлия и Геннадий,
Спасибо за QSL карточки YS4U.
Все дошло в целости и довольно быстро.
В очередной раз вы прекрасно выполнили заказ.
Комплименты в ваш адрес были высказаны большим количеством людей,
так что уверен, что из Миннесоты у вас еще будут (и не раз заказы)
Успехов и с наступившим Новым Годом!
Vlad Michtchenko

28.01.2010 07:31
EMAIL Review   Chris Gibson,  M0PSK

Gennady & Charles:

Just to tell you that the M0PSK QSL cards arrived safely with this morning's post, and that I am very pleased with the result. Thank you both for your understanding and cooperation.

Vy 73 de Chris, M0PSK

27.01.2010 17:40
WEB Review   Joop Van Der Does,  PA3JD

There is no better QSL printer at the eastern or western site of the Chinese Wall then Genna, UX5UO.

22.01.2010 07:52
EMAIL Review   Сергей Иванов,  UT9NA

Здравствуйте, Геннадий,

QSL получены, качеством доволен.
Спасибо за оперативность и хорошую работу!

73! UT9NA

17.01.2010 09:22
WEB Review   Ed Koedijk,  PD3KOE / NL13500

ordered both my QSL cards here. Wunderfull and fast response. The qsl cards are perfect.


Ed Koedijk

16.01.2010 05:37
EMAIL Review   Tom Costford,  MM0BHX

Hi Julia,

GM0B cards arrived the other day, but I was not at home. Mail delivery card was chewed by my dogs !!, but I got the post office to give me the package OK!

Cards look good, thanks for your efforts. I will order more from you in the future.
Many thanks

73's de MM0BHX ( GM0B )
Tom Costford

14.01.2010 11:13
EMAIL Review   Charlie Carolan,  EI8JB

Hi Julia,
Thank you once again for looking after my QSL order it was received today, top quality and excellent work as usual.


14.01.2010 04:47
EMAIL Review   Gerry Rosam,  VK2APG

Hi Julia and Gennady,
Thanks you very much for the qsl cards... they arrive yesterday. Excellent print job..they are exactly as I wanted. I will pass the word around some more..
Gerry VK2APG

13.01.2010 10:42
WEB Review   Carl Mason,  GW0VSW

The QSL cards arrived today. Excellent quality and a first class service to match. I am very pleased with the result and your attention to detail. I will highly recommended your printing to others.

10.01.2010 08:50
WEB Review   Ting,  BV1EJ

I just received my second order of cards from Gennady. The service and quality were excellent. Fantastic quality at a more than reasonable price.

08.01.2010 15:02
EMAIL Review   John Gerstner,  K4LRP

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the very nice QSL cards that you printed for me. They arrived today and I am very pleased with the quality of your work.
I will highly recommend your work to other Amateur Radio operators that I know.

John Gerstner K4LRP

07.01.2010 03:43
WEB Review   Bas,  PE4BAS

Received the cards yesterday. Thanks for the good service. I am very satisfied with the result. Wish you and yours a very good 2010. 73, Bas PE4BAS

05.01.2010 05:29
EMAIL Review   Jonathan Travers,  F5VBN

I received the package. Thank you very much. The cards look great ! I certainly recommend your service !
Happy New Year 2010 from Paris !
Jonathan F5VBN

04.01.2010 08:36
EMAIL Review   John Foster,  2E0EZY

Hello Charlie, The QSL cards have arrived thank you for your help and good service, all the best to you and your family for the new year 73 John 2E0EZY.

03.01.2010 19:32
WEB Review   John Goldfinch,  VK4FNQ

Hello Julia & Gennady,
The QSL cards arrived earlier than expected. I'm extremely happy with the end result.
Happy New Year 2010 to all.

Cheers John VK4FNQ

23.12.2009 09:56
EMAIL Review   Hebert Aeby,  HB9BOU

Hello dr Julia and Gennady,

the 4U1UN cards arrived well.
I have to say to both thank you for the great service you offered me for all the QSL cards I had to print.
You have a great and fast service with an excellent quality of cards.
It's a pleasure to work with you, I really appreciate.

Best seasons greetings and a heathy 2010.
Looking forward for the next cards to print.

73, Hebert, HB9BOU.

23.12.2009 08:59
WEB Review   Lisa Leenders,  PA2LS

The cards just arrived. I was surprised, I didn't expect the cards so soon.
Very nice printing, they look great!
Thanks and happy holidays.

Best '73

Lisa PA2LS

23.12.2009 06:44
EMAIL Review   Claude Passet,  3A2LF

QSL received in Monaco land.
Tks Gennady for your FB job as usual.
Nice printing.
Merry Xmas and Happy new year 2010

Regards from Claude PASSEt op CW de 3A2LF

21.12.2009 05:36
EMAIL Review   Michael Kusters,  PE3MK

Dear Julia & Gennady,

I just received the QSL cards at the postoffice, they were here before me but at the postoffice they witheld them.
So all is in perfect order :-)
The cards are very nice and looking good, so you have a satisfied customer!!

I wish you a merry x-mas and all the best for the New Year!

Kind regards,

21.12.2009 00:29
EMAIL Review   Олег Русских,  UN7ECA

Геннадий приветствую!
Посылку сегодня получил.
Все пришло в отличном виде.
Большое спасибо за календарики.
Респект Вам за такой подарок.
С Наступающим Новым Годом!
Всего доброго!
С уважением,

20.12.2009 12:16
WEB Review   Clark Secrest,  N0VCY/6 CALIFORNIA

Excellent color printing job, fast turnaround, very good value, and easy to deal with over such a great distance. Every station should have QSLs printed by UX5UO.

18.12.2009 12:16
EMAIL Review   Kirk Weaver,  KE7XM

Dear Julia and Gennady,
The cards have arrived earlier than expected and are absolutely wonderful!
Thank you so much for everything,
Kirk, KE7XM

17.12.2009 20:41
EMAIL Review   Avi Rochman,  4X1WQ

Dear Julia,
Thank you so much for QSL cards, I received them yesterday.
The cards are in a very good quality, and I am looking forward to do business with you in future again.
My Best 73's
I wish you & your family MRY X-MAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

16.12.2009 13:56
WEB Review   Steven J. Wamback (Steve),  KK2W

UX5UO DE KK2W... Very Very Pleased and Thank You So!

Dear Miss Julia and Mr. Gennady,

I cannot begin to tell you how very pleased I am with your fine quality QSL cards and Super-Fast Service. All 4000 (+1000) have been received quickly (in less than 10 days shipping time) and in absolutely perfect condition and quality. Your attention to detail and to good communication and to rapid response and to great prices are all far beyond any ordinary expectations. It shall be my honor and pleasure to be of service to you by recommending you to everyone from now on and for ever after. I have already added your praise to TWITTER.com http://twitter.com/Eurypterus and to QRZ.com ( KK2W )... but this is only the beginning. I know you are already famous and hopefully very busy but more advertising and publicity is always better for your fine business. Thank you so much for what you have done and for representing my interests. Please count on me to represent your interests as well. Please, My very best wishes to you and to your family and to your loved ones for great success in business and good health and happiness this holiday season and in 2010. Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All. I am at your service. Steven J. Wamback, KK2W ex N2VPI ... Your Steve

16.12.2009 13:56
EMAIL Review   John Richard Burke,  VO1SA

Hi Julia...... The cards arrived yesterday. Very nice.
Thank you again for the great job. I will get some
different lighthouses for some more cards after New

All the best. ttyl Rick VO1SA

15.12.2009 19:35
EMAIL Review   Nathan Lamb,  KI6UCL

Thanks for the cards, they look great! I look forward to sending them out soon.

Nathan Lamb

15.12.2009 16:21
EMAIL Review   Steve Larson,  N3SL


Received the GM3WOJ/et al cards today in perfect shape. Fantastic quality and a great looking card!

Again, you have come through with truly "top-of-the-line" product!

Vy 73 and Best Holidays and 2010


13.12.2009 02:53
EMAIL Review   Bernd Hannemann,  DH1ND

The cards arrived at December, 12.

I am very happy and surprised of the little changes on the backside from the cards. The callsigns and regards red colored is very nice.

I wish you and yours all the best - thank you very much.

vy 73 de DH1ND, OVV EO5, Relaisverantwortlicher fur DBONI, EMV Ortsreferent,
Ausbilder fur DN1HD, Klubstation DQ5E

Bernd Hannemann

12.12.2009 21:40
EMAIL Review   Rusty Epps,  W6OAT

Hello Julia.

The K6IDX QSLs arrived today. They are beautiful! Thank you and all the folks at UX5UO Print for the great job.

73 de Rusty, W6OAT

11.12.2009 17:36
EMAIL Review   Jim Barr,  GI1CET

Just arrived home from a week away on UK Mainland Working and the cards have been delivered and are excellent.

Please pass on my thanks for a job well done

11.12.2009 05:38
EMAIL Review   Detlev Adam,  DL6BBF

Hello Julia,
for your Information -> the Cards arrived on Tuesday by Werner.
I think the Custom in Frankfurt "takes the Time" - because they have a lot of Packages before Christmas...
The QSL Cards are 110%! - The Finish is pretty good!!!
Thank you for your Work and Assisstance!
The next Order will go to you...

We wish you and your Family a merry Christmas (not to cold), a nice Christmas Eve (with a good Dinner, hi...)

See you soon!
DK2BH, Werner
DL6BBF, Detlev

11.12.2009 01:53
EMAIL Review   Владимир Гетта,  UT1RA

карточки получены,
качество отменное,
большое спасибо,
мой приятель UX0RS тоже захотел такие карточки (Hi-Hi)

Good luck
73 Vladimir

09.12.2009 05:36
EMAIL Review   Steve Tomlinson,  2E0VFR

I have just received my QSL cards and am very very pleased with them. You have done an excellent job.
Steve 2EØVFR

07.12.2009 16:21
EMAIL Review   Terry Stewart,  VK4AAT

Good Morning Julia and Gennady

I received my qsl cards this morning -Tuesday 8th December. The cards are fantastic and I am very happy.I was told of your service from Jerry VK2APG , I can thoroughly recommend your business and will spread
the word. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Best 73,s

07.12.2009 10:20
EMAIL Review   Вадим Кузнецов,  EW7DK

Приветствую Вас!
сообщаю, что qsl получил 07.12.2009
все дошло в лучшем виде! качество прекрасное!
большое спасибо за вашу работу!
73! Вадим EW7DK

07.12.2009 04:59
EMAIL Review   Jim Evans,  G3VDB

Hello again Gennady,

I have just received the QSL cards for 8Q7EJ. They look good. Many thanks!

Now for the trouble of writing them!


04.12.2009 15:36
EMAIL Review   Nestor Lopez,  HB9DVX

Got the HB9DVX cards today from postal services.
All is OK, no problems.
Very good printing job indeed.
Thank you very much.

Best regards.
Nes - HB9DVX

04.12.2009 13:10
EMAIL Review   Ferré Vincent,  F4FYA

the QSLs are coming to morning
thank you very much it is super
soon on the air or to another command
73 73 bye bye F4FYA

03.12.2009 17:36
EMAIL Review   Marcel Bos,  PA9M

Hello Julia en Gennady,

Today Thursday the big parcel arrived almost 25 kilogram..........
Cards are beautifull. The little ones already sent out with the direct qsl's.

tnx and see you next time.
cuagn 73

Marcel PA9M
qsl manager PA6Z

02.12.2009 13:22
EMAIL Review   Wino Paas,  PA0ABM

Hello Julia, Gennady,
Today, december 2, the package from Kiev arrived here in Huijbergen, 20 km North of Antwerp/Belgium. Again you did a fantastic job, the same as you did with all my orders for QSL-printing in the past.
Be sure that my next order for QSL printing will go again to UX5UO
Thank you very much
Merry Xmas and happy 2010
73, Wino, PA0ABM
(a satisfied customer)

02.12.2009 12:08
EMAIL Review   Luc Smet,  ON5UK

Dear Julia,
I received your parcel today and the cards are perfect.
Thanks for an excellent service.
I will recommend your services to my fellow hams.

73 – Luc ON5UK

02.12.2009 11:01
WEB Review   David C. Oliva,  W9DCO

Hi...I am an avid Ham....DX hound and Microwave Eng.
UX5UO are the Best in the World! (even prices!)
One thing to note is the plastic coating makes it very difficult to write info on the card...
Maby a little less coating would better instead
of waiting for the ink to dry?


02.12.2009 05:40
EMAIL Review   Seppo Sisättö,  OH1VR

QSL's arrived today and all is OK.

Thank you very much for the great quality printing.

Best regards,
Seppo OH1VR

01.12.2009 21:59
EMAIL Review   John Vargas,  KI6BEN

Hello Julia, Gennady,

Thank you very very very much for the BEAUTIFUL QSL cards that you printed for me! They are wonderful!!!

I am proud to send these cards to Amateurs all over the world. I can't wait to hear what they have to say about these beautiful cards.

I noticed two things that I did not expect on these cards:
1) My callsign on backside was printed in RED. Very cool. I like that even better than my original design, in black!
2) Your "UX5UO Print" attribution between the comments and QSO data section. Very professional, while not being really obvious.

Again thank you so much for your prompt, excellent service and attention to detail.

I am telling all of my friends about your service.

May the Lord richly bless you and your family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ;-)

John Vargas
Fremont, California, USA

01.12.2009 11:53
EMAIL Review   Monique De Bekker,  PD7DB

Dear Julia and Gennady,

Today I received the QSL-cards and visiting cards. They are really beautiful.
Thanks for the great visiting cards and the extra cards of PA3AJN.
And last but not least, the little cards with my picture and calender 2010 are also great. That was a surprise to me. Thank you!


25.11.2009 07:40
WEB Review   Chris,  M5LRO

Well, what can I say, I was happy with my first batch of cards a couple years ago, I re-ordered with a new design (thanks Gennady for ur help) and they are just brilliant. Super Quality, Super Service, super Quick, and Super Price what more do you want!!!

Thanks again to all the gang at UX5UO ***** 5 star supplier

24.11.2009 11:24
WEB Review   Bruno,  F1MBC

Hi Gennady,
I received my QSLs this week and i want to say :
Many Thanks for this good job quick delay and very good price.
I recommand to all OMs to use your excellent service.

Many thanks from France
F1MBC Bruno

30.10.2009 07:02
WEB Review   Willy Van De Velde,  PA3EVY

Cards arrived today in good condition. and they look very good.
Thank you for such a good job and quick service to holland,

regarts willy PA3EVY
Member of pi4dx contestgroup

23.10.2009 17:42
EMAIL Review   Lonnie Ward,  W4FXO

Hello Gennady,
I received my order today and I wanted to tell you that they look great.All the info is good and the finished product is outstanding.I will be a spokesperson for your work and reccomend it to every one.Also now that I am in your file when I order again I guess all I have to do is just order and send the money again as last time. 73,
W4FXO Lonnie

20.10.2009 02:10
WEB Review   Brad Farrar,  VK2QO

G'Day Gennady,

Cards arrived today and they look great. Thank you for such a good job and quick service to Australia.
Will recommend you to many VK's here.

Cheers & 73
de Brad VK2QO

16.10.2009 12:06
WEB Review   Didier,  F1MKC

Hello Gennady,
QSL card arrived today,excellent job
congratulation,thank you for your fast printing and
I recommand to all OMs to use your excellent service
and availability
Many Thanks,
73's F1MKC Didier

04.10.2009 11:14
EMAIL Review   Mark Halliburton,  K5WMH

Just got back and recived the cards, they are VERY nice!!
Thanks you.

Will be sending you our club logo so you can do somthing with it.

Mark Halliburton K5WMH

30.09.2009 07:08
WEB Review   Yannick,  F4FXF

Hi Gennady,
I received the QSL cards Saturday, all is perfect,
73, Yannick F4FXF

22.08.2009 01:13
WEB Review   Gerard,  PDØSCY

Hi Gennady,

For a second time I ordered 2000 luxury cards,this time with a new design by PF4T.
Card stock is improved and the cards look awsome!
Tnx again for great service and very fine product.
Certainly till the next time.

73 de Gerard,PDØSCY

20.08.2009 05:37
WEB Review   DOV,  4Z4DX

hi gennadichka and yulichka
I received my QSL today! Very fast delivery and great job and service.
Thank You for excellent job.
Best 73
de dov 4z4dx / 4x0ai / 9n7dx / zc4dx / m0dov

18.08.2009 06:31
WEB Review   Bill Anderton,  MM0 WHA

Gennady, What beautiful QSL cards, excellent quality and price, I'll recommend you to anyone who needs QSL Cards.

73s Regards Bill
MM0WHA Scotland.

17.08.2009 17:02
WEB Review   Dwayne,  KD4POJ

Gennady, what a craftsman! Great cards for a great price. No one I have dealt with can beat these cards or work. Thanks!

ex DA1PJ ex OX3PG
Trustee OX60AD

03.08.2009 12:42
WEB Review   Hans,  SM3TLG

Today I received the QSL cards for my IOTA expeditions as LA/SM3TLG and OH8/SM3TLG. Many thanks Gennady and Julia for very fast printing and shipping. The cards are really of excellent quality.
73 de Hans / SM3TLG

30.07.2009 16:56
WEB Review   Laurent,  F8ATM

Gennady does a really great job: high quality, nice design, fast work and shipment.
He have printed my F4ATM, F8ATM and 6V7L qsl full color on front and back sides.
highly recommended!!!
vy 73 de F8ATM Laurent

24.07.2009 09:50
WEB Review   Glenn,  LA8XRA

I received my very first shipment of QSL-Cards today, and i'm very satisfied! Fast shipping and printing, and very nice work! Thank you!
73 from LA8XRA

14.07.2009 12:28
WEB Review   Thorsten,  SM5ILE

I received my QSL today! Very fast delivery and great job and service.
Thank You for excellent jobb.
Best 73 de Thorsten,SM5ILE

10.07.2009 19:35
WEB Review   Chris,  AA8CH

I received my QSL order in the post today. They are perfect.

17.06.2009 03:36
WEB Review   Gunnar,  SM6OER

Designed by SM6YOU/SM6U and Printed by You

Thank You Both for EXCELLENT JOB

73 de Gunnar sm6oer

21.05.2009 10:53
WEB Review   Patrick De Marteville,  F-59706

Thanks for excellent job and great service!
Patrick, F-59706

20.04.2009 10:13
WEB Review   Christopher Golodich,  KA2MGI




08.04.2009 14:10
EMAIL Review   Bob Norin,  W7YAQ


I received the boxes of T27A and 3D2NB cards in good shape! The cards are perfect!! Thanks to you and your staff for an excellent job. I have started sending the cards out today!

73 and tnx agn,
Bob W7YAQ / 3D2NB / T27A

08.04.2009 04:29
EMAIL Review   Dave Goodwill,  G1VAB

Hi Gents!

My apologies or not sending this yesterday but my QSL cards arrived OK on 7th April and were sat awaiting my return from work.
Excellent and thanks for a wonderful card!!
A pity though that there was a spelling mistake on the rear of the card - my own fault entirely and no reflection of your skills Gennady! - in that the bottom line of the text in the box has the word 'Amateurs" spelt incorrectly. Yes, I saw the proofs, I went through them with a fine toothcomb more than once, and I STILL missed it! As soon as I looked at the cards yesterday it jumped off the card at me! I've learnt my lesson - next time I'll get someone else to give them a once-over as well!!!
Again, excellent service and quality and my grateful thanks.

Ciao for now.
Dave Goodwill

07.04.2009 17:42
EMAIL Review   Franco Lucioni,  3A2MW

Hello Gennady
Today I got the QSL cards.
Perfect as usual!
I wrote to 3A2NC to tell that his cards are arrived.
Thanks a lot for the nice mini-calendars.
You are always very kind!
Best 73

07.04.2009 12:25
EMAIL Review   Alan Jubb,  5B4AHJ

Hi Gennady
I have received the QSLs. Good job as usual. Thanks very much for your excellent service.
Alan 5B4AHJ

07.04.2009 00:27
EMAIL Review   Thomas Pudimat,  DJ5LY

Dear Julia, lieber Michael,

many thanks for my new QSL cards. The parcel arrived here yesterday, and the cards look pretty good. Thank You again for the good job and the quick delivery!

With kind regards

Thomas, DJ5LY

06.04.2009 06:20
EMAIL Review   Ghis Penny,  ON5NT

Dear Gennady,
The QSL cards just arrived. You did a PERFECT job.
Thank you very much.
73, Ghis-ON5NT

06.04.2009 05:50
EMAIL Review   Bernd Nygrin,  DL6MKA

Dear Gennadi,
I just received the ordered cards for DL0MAG/DL0MGD.
Many Thanks about the good word and all the best to you and your team.

01.04.2009 15:02
EMAIL Review   Jan Van Muijlwijk,  PA3FXB

Hello Gennady,

Today I received the QSL cards for PI9CAM.
They are very beautiful!
Exactly what I wanted!
Thanks for excellent quality and great service!

73 GL

01.04.2009 01:33
EMAIL Review   Jeff Jeffrey,  VK6AJ

Dear Gennady & Julia,

I am happy to inform you that 1000 QSL cards arrived safely here at 1130 hrs, 1st April 2009. Many thanks for the prompt service.

With best wishes.
Jeff, VK6AJ

30.03.2009 16:00
EMAIL Review   Fred Weir,  W2UB

I just wanted to let you know that I received the QSL cards and they are fantastic. thank you for a wonderful job. I sent out the first ones this morning.

Fred W2UB

27.03.2009 09:28
EMAIL Review   Kari Kanasaari,  OH8DR

Hello Gennady and Julia

Card package arrived to my post office 25.3.2009 and today i got cards to my hands.
Printing quality is superb. Very good job and thank you very much for little OH8DR-calendarcards.
It´s great ´cause i send very much direct cards and now i can put little calendars with them.
Very good !! TNX !!
When I will need more cards it is very clear where i got these.

Best Regards
Kari Kanasaari OH8DR

26.03.2009 23:15
EMAIL Review   Erling Wande,  SM5BJT/SM2BJT

Dear Gennady,

thank you a lot for the quick delivery of my QSL-cards. They arrived today, and I am really satisfied with them.

Best 73s,

24.03.2009 05:06
WEB Review   Ad,  PB0AMU

I almost forgot to thank you for the good work
nice qsl cart carefully packed for transport
Many thanks

Best 73

23.03.2009 01:23
EMAIL Review   Андрей 'Andy' Мельничук,  US6IMA

Здравствуйте, Геннадий!
QSLs EN20IZZ получены 5 дней назад.
Станиславу Ивановичу и всему коллективу радиостанции карточки очень понравились!
Большое Вам спасибо!

20.03.2009 21:10
EMAIL Review   Jack Sproat,  W4JS

Hi Gennady,

I just wanted to tell you that my new W4JS QSLs arrived in the mail today. They look great! TNX for your kind and prompt service.

VY 73, Jack Sproat - W4JS
Englewood, Fla.

19.03.2009 12:46
WEB Review   Stephane,  F4CNH

Hello Gennady,
I just received the package!
I am very satisfied! Very good work!
Thank You!

Best 73's
Stéphane F4CNH

19.03.2009 06:30
EMAIL Review   Bill Aspin,  WI8R

Gennady, I received my qsl cards yesterday and they are beautiful! You did a wonderful job, thank you so much for your great work and fast turn around...Bill WI8R

14.03.2009 17:23
WEB Review   John Burgoyne,  MM0JOK

many thanks for the very nice qsl cards you printed for me, they are first class and also thanks for the small cards with picture and callander printed on them I look forward to ding buisness with you again. I also look forward to speaking with you on the radio someday, best 73's from Scotland MM0JOK

11.03.2009 07:44
WEB Review   Валерий,  UR5WCA

Здравствуйте Геннадий!
Сегодня получил карточки, красивые, качественно сделанные и, самое главное, быстро!Огромное Вам спасибо. С наилучшими пожеланиями,

04.03.2009 19:36
WEB Review   Robert Tomkovich,  K2RET

The cards you made me are wonderful. I'm returning for more !
Thank you !

21.02.2009 13:26
WEB Review   Christian Thiemann,  DL4YIH

Hello Gennady,
Yesterday I recieved the QSL Cards which I have ordered.
Thanks a lot for the excellent work you have done.Also many thaks in the name of Rolf DB8WC and Juergen DL3BAP
for the nice cards.

73´s Chris DL4YIH

16.02.2009 16:55
EMAIL Review   François Bérubé,  VA2RC

Hello Gennady, just to let you know that i received my QSL card last Friday in verry good shape.

The card are verry nice.

Thank you verry much.

François Bérubé VA2RC

16.02.2009 15:39
EMAIL Review   Pedro Redondo,  CT1HZU

Hi Gennady,

As I told, I would let you know when the QSLs arrived. Well it did, during last week and the work is brilliant. Congratulations on the fine work. I'm very happy and will recomend you to my hamradio friends.

73's de
Pedro - CT1HZU

15.02.2009 09:37
EMAIL Review   Arvis Mikals,  YL7X

Hello Gennady!

Thank You for good and easy service !
The QSL cards received Yesterday, in best quality, very nice!

73, Arvis

15.02.2009 02:04

I’m very satisfied with you for the beautiful result of this stamp, for the quality paper used.

14.02.2009 06:50
EMAIL Review   Tino Pavic,  VK3EGN

Hi Genady,
I have received QSL cards from you.
They are fantastic.
Thank you!
Tino, VK3EGN

13.02.2009 14:56
EMAIL Review   Tyler J Froeming,  KG6OJB


The new cards arrived yesterday and they look great. Thank you very much for the fine job.

Tyler KG6OJB

13.02.2009 10:54
WEB Review   Kevin Parry,  MW6KAA

recived my cards today and there are great thank for every thing i will use your services again in the future 73 thanks mw6kaa

12.02.2009 13:53
EMAIL Review   Klaus Voigt,  DL1DTL

Hello Gennady,

today I received the parcel with the prize-QSLs from the post-woman. Thank you very much for the excellent quality of the cards and your perfect job.

I will tell my friends about your offers for QSL-printing and I think, that the one or the other will also get printed cards from you.

Tanks again, I wish you all the best and hope to meet you on the bands.

73 de Klaus DL1DTL

09.02.2009 02:37
WEB Review   Mihails Voronovs,  YL3BQ

Геннадий, большое спасибо! Посылка пришла своевременно. Карточки очень понравились, прекрасная работа. Пусть Господь благословит Ваш труд. С уважением, Михаил.

03.02.2009 07:21
EMAIL Review   Lars-Goran Persson,  SM6CUK

Hi Gennady,

Thank you very much for the excellent QSL-cards you have printed for me! I received them today and will start sending out them tomorrow.

I will recommend you for very good printing and service, and will also print more cards when I need!

73 de Lars SM6CUK

03.02.2009 03:34

Hello Gennady,
QSL cards arrived today!
Seems that they made a long trip HI.
As always, very good quality.


28.01.2009 14:39
EMAIL Review   Richard Beamish,  K4FCP

Hi Gennady,

The cards arived on Monday and they are great as always!
Mny tnx agn!
Rich, k4zpa

27.01.2009 12:43
EMAIL Review   Richard Gorman,  EI5GUB

Hi Gennady
Richard in Ireland here, the cards arrived to my house this morning and are brilliant,I will have a few busy nights ahead of me now,I will spread the word around,anyway thanks again for doing a perfect job,I have a copy of it on EQSL and on QRZ.COM and alot of people are looking for the card to be sent to them,thanks again all the best.
regards Richard EI5GUB

27.01.2009 03:54
EMAIL Review   Hans Hassel,  GM4SSA

Just like to say a big thanks for the great job you made of the QSLs for GZ5Y. evertyhing is perfect !!
73s. Hans

22.01.2009 01:09
EMAIL Review   Виталий Алейников,  RD6LW

Геннадий! Я карточки получил. Спасибо. Все очень красиво и качественно.
Я всех своих направлю к Вам.
Виталий RD6LW и К 73!!!

16.01.2009 07:16
EMAIL Review   Chuck Crandall,  AE4O

Gennady and Jeff -- This is to let you know that the shipment of new cards arrived yesterday in excellent condition. The card is beautiful and everything that was expected and more.
Best regards. 73, Chuck AE4O

12.01.2009 21:36
EMAIL Review   Arthur Mojrzeszek,  W8ACM


Just received my QSL Cards. They are beautiful. Thank you for a great job. I,ll pass out your samples to people in my club. I'll try to get you more business. You do very good work.

Art, W8ACM

10.01.2009 15:49
WEB Review   P-O,  SA4BDN

Exelent printing on cards. very priceworthy products and very priseworthy.
Very fast printing and delivery after order placed.
Will recomend for others, that´s for shure.

Best regards SA4BDN

10.01.2009 05:38
WEB Review   Viv Morris,  GB90WWI

Service was A1,and end product far better than I had anticipated.I can thoroughly recommend them.
Many thanks, Viv (G4PLY)

07.01.2009 16:10
WEB Review   Adam,  WJ4X

Best cards I've ever had! Thanks much!

30.12.2008 12:56
WEB Review   Russell,  G5XW

GM5XW cards ordered 10/12/08 posted 26th Dec arrived 30th Dec thats through the Xmas rush of post, better than inter uk post lol. Arived 100% and yet another top card just as I wanted them many tnx
regards Russell G5XW

29.12.2008 11:58
EMAIL Review   Steven Rapata,  AC6DX

QSL Cards arived 12-22-08 or there abouts, just before Christmas, and there Great I am so satified with your work.
Thank you again for such a wonderfull job, once I Install the new antennas on my tower, sometime in late Janaury- Early Febuary I will post a Pic of this Card on QRZ.com and I will also put a link to your web site with your permission of course.

73's & Good DX,
AC6DX Steven

29.12.2008 04:35
EMAIL Review   Маджит Кодиров,  UK7AL

Здравствуйте, Геннадий!
Посылку получил, всё так быстро - даже не ожидал, спасибо большое. Карточки получились прекрасные, отличного качества. Хороший Новогодний подарок!
Пользуясь случаем, поздравляю Вас и всю семью с наступающим Новым 2009 годом и желаю больших творческих успехов в Вашем благородном деле, а также здоровья и благополучия и самое главное мира и спокойствия на украинской земле!
С уважением, Маджит, 73!

27.12.2008 05:42
EMAIL Review   Chris Hart,  N5CLH

Hey Gennady. Just wanted to let you know my cards arrived a few days ago. They look great, excellent quality, and I've already sent quite a few out. I'm still looking at a call sign change. If it gets approved, I'll probably have you do up the same exact card, but with the new call. Thanks again for the great service.


26.12.2008 07:15
WEB Review   Adrian Roze,  VK4RV

I have just received the QSL cards yesterday 24th December.
I know for the price I couldn't get better anywere else.
I definitely will be placing many orders over the next few decades.

Till next time,
Adrian Roze, VK4RV

24.12.2008 08:31
EMAIL Review   Jay Sewell,  W5SL

HI Gennady,

Received the order in perfect condition! Thanks for your great service!

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2009 to you as well!

73 Jay W5SL

20.12.2008 08:16
EMAIL Review   Randy Becnel,  W5UE

Hello Gennady,
K5S QSLs arrived yesterday (both boxes). They are beautiful!!! Great color and resolution. TNX for your FB work. I'll be sending you more work in the future.

73, Randy - W5UE

19.12.2008 00:37
EMAIL Review   Frank Doerenberg,  F/N4SPP

Hello Gennady,
Sant Claus came early this year, and delivered a very nice package from Ukraine this morning.
The cards look great! Thank you very much!
And my girllfriend's niece will be very pleased with the stamps, as she collects them.
Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas, and good health and good fortune for the coming year.

73s de Frank F/N4SPP

14.12.2008 14:08
WEB Review   Sean,  GI7ULG

HI,Gennady, cards arrived well packaged, great design,thanks again for a first class service,
couldent get better anywere else, till next time,

73s de sean, GI7ULG

14.12.2008 07:26
EMAIL Review   Nathan Edson,  KO6U

Received the cards!!!! They look great!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan, KO6U

12.12.2008 06:41
WEB Review   Iain,  MM0TFU

Cards arrived safely. The are super quality and I am really pleased. Thank you for a trouble free ordering process, and super-fast printing and delivery. See you next time!

09.12.2008 06:04
WEB Review   Russell,  G5XW

Brilliant, printed all my cards so far
G5XW.CN2XW.GU5XW.GJ5XW.GM5XW.F/G5XW,GB2PBL.GB1CPB. + others I cant even remember but always the same fast, good, service EVERY time
tnx Gennady

08.12.2008 01:40
WEB Review   Fabrice,  OH6FKO

Great QSL Cards, Good job Gennady !!!

06.12.2008 08:55
EMAIL Review   John Hillyer,  KH6SH


I received the cards yesterday....they are fantastic!! Thank you very much for the quick delivery.
Congratulations on producing a superb product and managing such a great business.

See you next order. Aloha,
John KH6SH

04.12.2008 10:18
EMAIL Review   Сергей Распутин,  OH3GRB

Геннадий привет!

Сегодня получил карточки.
Отличное качество. Очень понравились.
Большое спасибо!
Всего доброго! С наступающим Новым Годом и Рождеством!

Сергей, OH3GRB

04.12.2008 03:16
EMAIL Review   Mike Kasrich,  AJ9C

The cards are in hand. All I can say is WOW! They are excellent just
like every other card you have made for me. Thanks for a great job
quickly delivered!
Thanks again


29.11.2008 10:58
WEB Review   Keith,  GØFEA

Gennady, thanks for the great service and wonderful cards. Just so you know I was unable to get the same quality cards produced in the UK for a better price.
Keep up the great work, see you again for my next 1,000 cards.


28.11.2008 16:24
WEB Review   Анатолий Рогозников,  UX1QA (EX US5QFV)

Заказывал дважды. Выполнение качественное и в срок. Большое пребольшое спасибо.

25.11.2008 05:39
EMAIL Review   Dean Davis,  N7XH

Whow. I just received my cards and in such short time.
You did a fantastic job and I will be using you in the future for all of my cards.
What link and image do you want me to used on my website to promote UX5UO Print. I think you told me that you already had a US rep and do not need any more. If there is anything I can do to help you please let me know.
Dean, N7XH

19.11.2008 13:49
WEB Review   Gunnar,  SM6OER

Thanks for Your exquisite printed QSL Cards!
We, in SK6GB i.e SM6FZD, SM6MLY and SM6OER, are all very satisfied and pleased for these QSL cards and their quality. We engaged SM6YOU as designer and he did very well and send the final card layout for printing.
We will be back, all of us!
Be sure of it!


73 de Gunnar sm6oer

18.11.2008 13:21
EMAIL Review   Sven Bengtsson,  SM6CDN

Hello Gennady,
Thank You for the QSL-cards!
I received them today, and I am very satisfied! Very good work!
Thank You!

Best Regards

15.11.2008 13:40
WEB Review   Сергей,  UY7VY

Дважды заказывал карточки, себе и товарищу US5VEB, заказы были выполнены оперативно и качественно. Спасибо!

14.11.2008 06:06
EMAIL Review   Jean-Michel Solano,  F6IFJ

Hello Gennady,
I receive the cards today , just 3 weeks that I have send the money to DF8AN, fine business for the QSl design, and fine business for the delivery delay.
Best regards,
"jean" f6ifj.

12.11.2008 10:34
EMAIL Review   Mark,  WN3SIX

Hi Gennady !
I just wanted to tell you that my QSL's that you printed for me arrived yesterday and to also tell you how VERY PLEASED I am with the priting results, OUTSTANDING WORK my friend and AMAZINGLY swift delivery !!! I will be CERTAIN to pass this information onto my many friends and gladly promote your outstanding QSL printing service, in my opinion, it is second to no-one else !!

THANK YOU Gennady !!!!
73 de Mark, WN3SIX

11.11.2008 13:50
EMAIL Review   Ivo Klinkert,  PA1IVO

Hello Gennady,
I almost forgot to thank you for the good work. Excellent QSL card,
carefully packed for transport. Thanks!

09.11.2008 15:23
WEB Review   Gene,  KI6LO

Got my custom cards from Gennady a while back. Exactly as I designed and quality stock to boot. Telling all my ham buddies to check out Gennady.

Tnx for the fine work.
73, Gene

07.11.2008 17:49
EMAIL Review   Stephen Leander,  KV6O

Gennady and Jeff -
I picked up the cards from the Post Office today they look fabulous!

07.11.2008 10:30
EMAIL Review   Сергей Сырцов,  UR4LTL

Добрый день,
получил сегодня QSL.
Огромное спасибо!
Всего наилучшего. 73!
С уважением, Сергей Сырцов UR4LTL

03.11.2008 10:24
WEB Review   Rich Jones,  K8UV

Received your cards faster than promised! It was even a greater gift to work you one week after receiving my cards in CW from your remote EA spanish location and first thing you said in our QSO was "did your get your cards Rich?". Thanks again, you sincerely exceeded my QSL card expectations! Rich K8UV

31.10.2008 12:04
EMAIL Review   Henk Melchior,  PA0MHJ

Hello Gennady,
Today I received the QSL cards.
They are verry good looking and I will use them with pleasure.
Thanks for all the work.

27.10.2008 20:03
WEB Review   Ian Shrader,  W7IAN

Gen has printed many of my qsls, each qsl has been of high quality and shipped very fast. I have to say that Gen has the best prices and highest quality of qsls. He is a pleasure to deal with via email. I will continue to use his services for all my qsl needs.
Ian W7IAN & Jerri WA7ELK

13.09.2008 02:41
EMAIL Review   Lucien,  FM5WD

I just back home and ...big surprise all my QSL were there...many tnx fer all... you are a serious man cogratulation.

08.09.2008 08:18
EMAIL Review   Don,  WB9NMN

The WB9NMN QSLs cards arrived without any damage.
The quality is excellent and I will enjoy sending them to hams around the world.
A rough count revealed about 1100 QSLs, roughly 10% more than what was ordered. Your QSLs were already an excellent value and this makes it even better!
Thank-you again.

03.09.2008 06:35
EMAIL Review   Chris,  F8DZY

Hi Gennady, many thanks for the QSLs received this week, they are WON-DER-FUL !!!
They arrived just in time for me, and now have to fill them HI...
Good job, good price, good delay... perfect, as usually.
Thanks again.

24.08.2008 09:08
EMAIL Review   Jim Streible,  K4DLI

I just picked up my new QSL cards that you produced for "The Southeastern DX Club" from N4NX. I want to tell you that they look absolutely great. Thank you very much for producing such fine looking QSL cards.

23.08.2008 00:53
EMAIL Review   Владимир,  UA2FFX/1

Спасибо огромное, всё дошло в лучшем виде, впечатления от тиража - прекраснейшие!

21.08.2008 07:27
EMAIL Review   Martin Foster,  G3VOF

Hi Gennady,

Just to let you know that the qsl's arrived today, quicker than I thought.
The cards look superb, I am extremely pleased with them.

Thank you
Martin G3VOF

17.08.2008 23:17
EMAIL Review   Jack Nelson,  K5FSE

Good morning Gennady. I am a member of the SEDXC. We just ordered a large qsl order from you in celebration of our 50th year as a club. I ordered 3000 cards and just got them yesterday. I want to express my thanks for such a wonderful job. In addition, I want to especially thank you for the colored cards that you made for me. You have done a wonderful job, and I sure will tell my friends of your outstanding work.
Best of Luck and 73

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